Emergency Management and Dispatch

Mistral offers Emergency Management and Dispatch system which aims to improve the decision making process and reduce the response time of emergency forces and services including police, medical services and fire departments. The system manages the incident life cycle quickly and easily, from receipt to dispatch and closure.

The main functionalities of the system are:

  • ACD (Automatic Call Distributor ) / IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
  • Queue management
  • Integration with external recorders
  • Incident dispatch
  • Incident merger
  • ANI / ALI(Automatic Number Identification / Automatic Location Identifier)
  • Action protocols(SOPs)
  • Integration of sensors and cameras, integration of mobility solutions
  • Mass emergency notification module, loud speakers, panic button (SOSposts),interactive cartography, reports and statistics
  • Alarm management

The system provides a Coordination Center setup, a platform designed to manage operations, forces and mobile units to improve the decision-making process and reduce response time.

The synergy achieved by integrating cartography, communications, dispatch and video, enhances the effectiveness of the system.The communications module integrates the Communications Integrator system, managing all communications and integrating all of the radio functionalities with the other communications resources in place in the organization.

The coordination center operator is able to receive incidents, send orders to mobile units, locate them on the map, manage video cameras, receive sensor alarms, create statistics, manage resources and handle all operations.The mobility module integrates radio terminals with both GPS and third-party devices while the on-board computer manages communications, on-board video cameras and provides the mobile unit with intelligence.

The system is based on distributed architecture that allows the geographical distribution and delocalization of stations and nodes. Dynamic authorization policies make it possible to access the functionalities of the system from any location.

It is a distributed system that facilitates coordination and collaboration between different divisions and organizations.



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