Radio Dispatch Console and Gateway

Mistral offers Radio Dispatch Console and Gateway solutions that enable comprehensive communications and interoperability between different networks, devices and agencies. Mistral provides solutions which streamline daily operations and facilitate organizations to rapidly respond to emergencies by improving situation awareness and reducing response time.

IP Based Radio Dispatch

The IP-based Radio dispatch console system includes an intelligent user interface which simplifies operations and end-to-end redundancy providing a level of reliability that no other IP based console can offer.  


  • IP based Integrated Dispatch Console
  • Supports Distributed Dispatch consoles connected over WAN
  • Comprises of :
    • Radio Gateway, Central server, Console and Media Dock
  • Simple user interface reducing screen clutter and response time
  • End-to-end network redundancy ensures High reliability
  • Minimizes maintenance Time and Cost
  • Ideal for Scalable Operations

Digital Console System

The Digital Console System is designed to meet the needs of small integrated control rooms that combine radio and telephony interfaces.Combining telephony with digital or analogue radio control, it supports up to 30 channels and fifteen screen-based operator consoles. DCS-5020 meets a range of professional demands in the public safety, transportation, utility and private industry sectors. Specific applications include mobile command, small control rooms and TETRA fallback systems. An architecture of distributed processing, with no central switch provides flexibility and scalability, delivering the high resilience demanded by these mission-critical applications.


  • Digital communications console system for Radio Dispatchers
  • IP connected Radio dispatch positions
  • Integrates telephone call handling and radio dispatch
  • Redundant & distributed architecture
  • Support for 30 ports of  Voice and 16 operators
  • Supports and integrates VHF, UHF, HF, GSM, Satellite terminals
  • Screen-based, configurable Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Range of operator and audio interface options.
DCS_5020 Dispact Console


Radio over IP Gateway

The RoIP (Radio-over-IP) Gateway offered by Mistral is designed to transport analog wireline two-way radio control circuits over IP networks. Each RoIP gateway connects to a radio circuit that supports analog audio, binary control (PTT & COR) as well as RS-232 serial data.  The analog audio is field selectable between a balanced 4-wire connection suitable for most fixed station radios, and unbalanced transmit and receive audio suitable for direct connection to most mobile radios. In some cases, a mobile radio’s programming and/or control head serial data can be transported over IP as well. A pair of RoIP Gateways one at each end of the IP network, faciltates the conversion from radio to IP and back.


  • Transports voice, I/O and Data for up to two radio channels
  • Remote PTT operation controlled by VOX or COR
  • Uses standard IP network
  • Compatible with 3rd party IP-based voice recorders
  • Fully configurable via web browser, including all audio levels
  • Designed for harsh, unattended radio site environments
  • 19″ rack mountable
  • Operates at 12 Volts DC.

Case Study

Mobile Command Post

Customized, fully-equipped, robust vehicle, outfitted with specialized equipment for emergency response

Case Study

Digital Console System for MCCV

DCS-5020 integrated dispatch system for Bengaluru City Police

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