Radio Communication Integrator

GPR is a technique of subsurface mapping based on the emission of radio waves.Mistral offers Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) solutions suitable for various applications and operational requirements. The GPR Solution uses antenna arrays for efficient data acquisition over large surfaces. This enables the user to create 3-dimensional images of the subsurface objects.

The GPR Solution from Mistral uses antenna arrays to collect 3-dimensional GPR data with dense line spacing, allowing full 3-dimensional data processing. The air coupled antenna arrays are suitable for applications where the antenna needs to be elevated off the surface. All antenna elements cover the entire 200 MHz to 3 GHz bandwidth, offering high resolution at shallow depths making the antenna array ideal for several military applications.

The applications include:

  • Bridge deck inspection
  • Road surveying and delimitation identification
  • Railway ballast inspection
  • Utility mapping
  • Archeology

Features and Benefits

  • Revolutionary Antenna Configuration
    • Antenna geometry optimized for high suppression of direct wave and maximum suppression of multiple surface reflections.
  •  Superior Resolution at Shallow Depths
    • Ideal for near surface GPR data acquisition.
  • Wideband coverage, 200MHz to 3GHz
    • Enables detailed surveys from near surface to deeper depths in a single pass with less than 2.5cm resolution at shallow depths.
  •  Selectable number of antenna elements, up to 41 channels
    • Capture wide swaths of survey data in one pass.
  • Compatible with GeoScope Mk IV dual channel receiver architecture
    • Allows for simultaneous data recording from two antenna channels or faster rate of advance with no loss of fidelity.
  • Multi-offset recording
    • Allows data to be recorded with different offsets between transmitter and receiver antennas.
  • Built-in GPS receiver
    • Coarse positioning and precise time reference standard.


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