High Speed Digital Designs

Mistral’s Hardware Design team has extensive experience is designing High-Speed Digital Designs for a variety of data and video processing applications in aerospace and defense. The team has extensive understanding of high data bandwidth communication, signal integrity, power delivery and High-speed Low Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS), while ensuring adherence to EMI/EMC design norms, which are needed to bring out an effective and efficient high-speed digital design. Mistral’s high-speed digital design expertise includes:

  • Designs for multi-core and multi-processor environments
  • High-speed synchronous memory arrays
    • DDR3, DDR3L, DDR4
  • High-speed data communication backbones
    • LVDS based high-speed fabric implementation
    • Fabrics to suit communication standards like SRIO, PCIe, InfiniBand, Gigabit Ethernet, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, Hyperlink, AIF  etc.
    • Designs for optical communication
  • Digital radio and baseband processing
  • Analog and audio circuit designs
  • High-speed designs for video image processing
  • Switching backplanes

Mistral’s high-speed digital design services are based on a range of simulation and measurement tools, which help visualize and addresses signal integrity, power integrity and EMI/EMC concerns during both the design and test phase. Mistral’s high-speed digital design services are backed by:

  • PCB layout analysis
  • Electrical modeling and simulation of high-speed I/O circuits and interconnects
  • Signal integrity simulation at board and system level
  • S-Parameter extraction and modification
  • Noise and crosstalk reduction

Listed below are a couple of high-speed digital designs executed by Mistral:

  • UAV mounted camera with airborne transmitter and ground station based receiver
  • VPX and VME systems for RADAR and EW applications
  • Multi-channel Data Acquisition & Processing System for Naval Applications
To know more about Mistral's High Speed Digital Designs, email us at sales@mistralsolutions.com.

emailemail us at sales@mistralsolutions.com

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