Mixed Signal Designs

Mistral’s engineering team has rich experience and proven expertise in designing mixed signal solutions like power management modules, RF radio, LVDS signaling, ADC/DAC converters, etc. down to 20nm processes. The engineering team provides end-to-end services from designing, layout/mask design, verification to production support and product sustenance.

Mistral’s design team is capable of developing mixed signal board design from a simple prototyping board to fully integrated systems addressing signal integrity, power consumption, EMI/EMC, manufacturability and testability based on project requirements.

  • Analog layout and mask design services
  • Mixed signal verification
    • Design verification
    • Test plan and test bench creation
    • Development of automated checkers and stimulated checkers
    • Development and execution of test benches
    • Defect reporting and tracking to closure

Mistral’s mixed signal designs services includes:

  •  High-speed ADCs and DACs designs with FPGA interface targeted for
    • RADAR and EW
    • SONAR
    • Audio and Video applications
  • Implementation of analog blocks like
    • Voltage detect circuits
    • Oscillators
    • LVDS receivers and transmitters
    • PLLs
    • LNA
    • Power on reset circuitry
  • “Ground” in Mixed Signal Systems
    • Manage Analog and Digital Grounds
    • Manage Decoupling of mixed-signal ICs
    • Partitioning of Digital and Analog Circuits
  • Isolation Techniques
  • Power Supply Noise Reduction and Filtering
  • High-speed Logic


Some of the mixed signal systems designed by Mistral:

  • High Accuracy Air Pressure Measurement System
  • Dual-Node Telemetry Encoder
  • Miniature Integrated Telemetry System
  • Next-generation DRFM platform
  • Communication Interface Unit for IFF system
  • Multi-channel Data Acquisition and Processing System



To know more about Mistral's Mixed Signal Designs, email us at sales@mistralsolutions.com.

emailemail us at sales@mistralsolutions.com


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