Product Sustenance Services

With the long life cycle and realization of aerospace and defense sub-systems, product sustenance is a critical factor that needs to be considered, to ensure seamlessly efficient working of various military systems. With expertise in software development, hardware engineering and re-engineering, DFx and obsolescence management, Mistral offers proven and robust product sustenance services, for its systems and solutions, throughout the product and program lifecycle, ensuring continued support towards maintenance by ensuring that tools, test equipment and expertise are in place for continued builds and repairs with least disruption in delivery and performance of the system.

Mistral’s product sustenance services include: repairs and upgrades, inventory management and obsolescence management.

  • Product Maintenance
    • Continued repair capability for a product
    • Bug Fixes and Patch Development
    • Hardware Fixes
    • Regression Testing
  • Inventory Management
    • Component selection
    • BOM health analysis
    • Traceability
    • Appropriate component replacement
    • Component changes/additions
  • Obsolescence management
    • Detailed reports on component obsolescence
    • Hardware re-design
    • Re-engineering for obsolescence and cost reduction


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