System Engineering

System engineering grew into prominence with the increase in complexity of systems and projects, which in turn exponentially increased the possibility of component friction, and therefore the unreliability of the design. This has gained popularity in design and development of large sub-systems that go into aerospace and defense, space and telecom applications. The development of complex algorithms, multi-processor architecture and analysis of environmental systems increase the challenges in designing these sub-systems. Mistral offers complete, comprehensive customized solutions for aerospace and defense electronics. The team’s expertise lies in architecting, designing, building and deploying customized solutions that integrate multi-vendor COTS, custom software development, board and FPGA design followed by test, validation and environmental qualification.

From evaluating customer needs and expectations to producing an optimal  solution, custom-made to fit specific requirements, Mistral’s expertise lies in aligning a variety of diverse pre-configured components and COTS products with custom-built solutions to meet specific sub-systems requirements for developing RADAR, SONAR, Telemetry, Electronic Warfare and Avionics applications. With a structured development process that proceeds from concept to deployment, Mistral offers system engineering solutions that meet the needs of our aerospace and defense customers.DS_System Engineering

The system engineering process involves :

  • Feasibility Study
  • System Architecture and Design
  • Identifying and sourcing COTS products and accessories
  • Developing custom system software and hardware sub-systems
  • Application Development
  • System Integration
  • Test and Validation
  • EMI/EMC and Environmental Qualification as per MIL-STD
  • Training and Support
  • Product Sustenance

Mistral offer’s customers a low-risk, high-performance advantage by combining several years of experience in providing solutions for the defense electronics domain. Mistral’s robust approach to system engineering ensures accurate interpretation of program requirements, program life cycle and a clear understanding of the customer applications.

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