Testing and Validation

Mistral offers Testing & Validation services in the MIL-AERO domain. Mistral’s Testing team ensures that the software deployed in MIL-AERO sub-systems are verified and validated as per DO-178B guidelines. Mistral’s Team has many years of experience in successfully executing projects in the MIL-AERO domain and delivers business value by implementing robust, updated and flexible testing-validations models.

Mistral offers Testing and Validation services that meet the independent review, independent low-level unit testing, Software-Software Integration Testing (SSIT), and Hardware-Software Integration Testing (HSIT) meeting level A to D objectives of DO-178B.

The team follows the V-model and participates in all phases of a project, such as formal technical reviews, audits, carrying out different levels of testing like White box, Black box and System testing. Test automation solutions are regularly built and deployed to reduce test execution cycle-time. Developed Test Automation solutions are validated for its compliance before being deployed for test cycle execution.

The team carries out detailed reviews of all artifacts developed during the SW life-cycle, such as requirement, output of SW development process, output of integration process, output of testing process and executes test cycles in an independent manner. Mistral is certified by CEMILAC for independent testing and validation for defense electronics sub-systems.

Services Offered

Software Reviews and Analysis:

  • Reviews and Analysis of the High-Level & Low-Level Requirements, Traceability, Software Architecture, Source Code, output of the Integration, Test Cases, Procedures and Results.

Requirements-Based Software Testing and Coverage Analysis

  • Hardware-Software Integration Testing
  • Software-Software Integration Testing
  • Unit Testing
  • Requirements-based Test Coverage Analysis
  • Structural Coverage Analysis
  • Object Code Verification for Level A
  • Certification Support
  • Deliverables
    • Review Reports including Review Errors Categorized, Completed Checklists for individual artifacts, Closure Reports post Implementation Verification, Test plans along with test suite (if any), Unit Test Results, Structural Coverage Analysis Reports, Problem Reports, Traceability Matrix, Data and Control Coupling Analysis Report, High Level Cases and Procedures Report, Requirement Coverage Report.
Listed below are a few of the systems which have undergone independent test and validation as per the above defined norms: To know more about Mistral's expertise in providing Testing and validation services for aerospace and defense domain, email us at sales@mistralsolutions.com.

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