Airborne Telemetry

Airborne telemetry modules and systems gather and process critical information on-board spacecrafts, aircrafts, projectiles and UAVs. Mistral provides custom engineering services for designing airborne telemetry modules and systems that support a variety of video, data and command & control link needs that meet all perquisite environment and performance requirements. The telemetry designs are built to function under the most severe conditions of defense and aerospace applications.  

Mistral’s specialized telemetry systems record and transmit data to remote receiving stations on the ground which process and display it for further analysis and decision-making. Mistral’s highly durable, airborne telemetry solutions include solutions for Aircrafts, Parachutes, Projectiles and Space applications.
Mistral’s airborne telemetry solutions are compliant to IRIG 106, Class 2 specifications and include the following characteristics:


  • Finite state machines implemented on FPGA, no micro processor  involved
  • Modulation Techniques
    • Digital: BPSK, QPSK
    • Analog: PCM, PAM
  • Signal conditioning electronics for external interfaces
    • Electrical, sensors, Analog
    • Optical and analog isolation
  • Analog multiplexed systems with
    • Anti-aliasing filters, A/D converters and programmable digital filters
    • Crosstalk elimination
    • Flexible sample rates
  • Serial Interfaces
    • RS 232, RS 422, MIL1553B, ARINC-429and Ethernet
  • Multiple Output Types
    • Output formats including PCM (NRZL, Bi-phase, RS422) and Ethernet
    • Simultaneous data recording on to internal or external devices
  • Sampling Methods
    • Simultaneous, Over/Super sampled
  • Encryption standards
    • AES128, AES256 and GOST
  • Error correction techniques
  • Digital filters
    • IIR and FIR
  • S-Band based transmission
    • Programmable frequency from 2.2 – 2.4 GHz, with a resolution of 0.1 MHz
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery packs
  • Custom data interpretation software with selectable display channel and channel statistics
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Integrated Telemetry

Integrated Telemetry Module

Developed for a power range of 1W to 2W telemetry application


Miniature Telemetry

Miniature Telemetry Module

Developed for a power range of 1W to 2W telemetry application

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Low power, tunable Telecommand Receiver cum Decoder


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