Mobile C4ISR Platforms

The Mobile C4ISR platforms from Mistral are a range of unique vehicles for law enforcement agencies (police and paramilitary), special forces, defense forces, airports and private security agencies. These are easily deployable solutions for VIP security, public events (sports, entertainment shows, and political rallies), law and order control, emergency/ disaster management, tactical security operations and critical infrastructure protection.

New MC C4ISRThe Mobile C4ISR platform is a quickly deployable solution with a spacious, well equipped work space that can be customized to suit different operational needs. It can accommodate any number of specialized features and its multi-functional area provides both room and versatility. It is air-conditioned, well equipped and sufficiently ventilated for multi-hour operations.

It can be customized to a four-wheel drive vehicle with hydraulic stabilizers suitable for multi-terrain operation. The solution consists of a customized vehicle equipped with either or all of the following: IP video surveillance equipment, video management and analytics, command & control modules and monitoring stations.


  • Integrated Communication System providing interoperability between agencies.
  • Self-Contained.
  • Rapid Deployment.
  • Suitable for all terrains.
  • Voice, data and video communications


  • Easy to deploy and easy to set-up
  • Multi-sensor integration
  • User friendly GUI-based application
  • Scalable solution
  • Remote transmission









Here are a few case studies on the custom  Mobile C4ISR platforms built by Mistral:

SUV based Tactical Mobile C4ISR Platform

Image 2Custom designed for National Security Guard, this vehicle can be deployed for tactical operations and consists of integrated communication system that link UHF, VHF, HF and GSM and satellite terminal. It consists of a DVR that records video feeds from body worn wireless cameras  of the troops; which can be further transmitted to remote HQ.


Mobile Surveillance and Communication Platform

Image 4Delivered to Bangalore Police, this vehicle consists of a Communication Matrix that integrates various communication devices like GSM, VoIP, UHF, VHF and land lines.The vehicle is also equipped with body worn cameras and mast mounted PTZ cameras for wide range surveillance.


Highway Patrol Vehicle

Image3This fleet of vehicles delivered to the Karnataka and Assam Police consists PTZ camera, top bar lights, search lights and PA systems for announcements. It also has the facility to upload live video feed to the central monitoring system at the HQ.



Mobile Command Post

Image 1 copyThe Mobile Command Posts (MCP) are customized, fully-equipped, robust vehicle delivered to Bangalore and Mumbai Airport, for handling emergencies and disasters at the Airport premises and works with the Fixed Emergency Operation Center located on the landside. They consist of a video wall for live view of PTZ feed mounted on a pneumatic/electromechanical 6m mast, video conferencing system, facility to upload live PTZ feed to central EOC and can receive live DTH feed on the move.

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Mobile Command Post

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