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Mistral’s Safe City solutions aids in law and order situations, conflicts with anti-national elements, disaster and emergency management. The safe city solution is built around the C4ISR concept and aims at creating a command and control centre, which is key for data collection and dissemination; ensuring information is communicated to relevant contact points in

The Safe City solution from Mistral consists of a network of surveillance sensors, GIS and AVL; all seamlessly integrated channels to provide a public security system within a city. It consists of a PCR solution that enables police forces to manage all their operations from a central viewpoint, from resource planning and geographical mapping through to accessing, sharing information and resource dispatching with speed and accuracy.

The Safe City Solutions helps in round-the-clock availability, proper dissemination of information, immediate responses to calls, and online links with emergency services which in turn increase efficiency.

Mistral’s Safe City Solutions include:

  • Installation of IP, PTZ and Dome cameras at public spaces
  • 24 x 7 aerial surveillance via Tethered drone
  • Body-worn cameras
  • Monitoring and surveillance of city infrastructure using sensors from the command and control center
  • Mobile C4ISR solutions
  • Video Analytics
  • Video Synopsis Software for quick post incident analysis
  • Computer Aided Dispatch for police control rooms
    • Easy to use three screen interface- Dispatch, GIS and Communications with efficient data capture tools
    • Intercommunication between heterogeneous systems, including full-duplex and half-duplex systems
    • GIS representation of sensor units



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Radio Communication Integrator

COFDM Wireless

 Wireless Body Worn cameras based on PodNode COFDM IP Mesh Technology for secure and robust communications


Radio Dispatch Console

IP-based Radio dispatch console system with intelligent user interface for simplified operations

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