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The Video Investigation Software available from Mistral uses a patented award-winning image-processing technology to provide a very short video representation of a video footage captured over a long time period. A 24-hour video footage can be viewed in as low as 30 minutes. The Video Investigation Software fulfills the global need of surveillance to review video, investigate and identify incidents and take quick action as needed. Multiple intelligent filters can be applied based on color, size, location, direction, speed, zones of interest etc. This can help in quick analysis of a long video footage.

Built around an award-winning image processing technology, the Video Investigation Software can summarize an hour of video down to one minute of review time. This offers a synopsis of the video for immediate, actionable information from the video to enable quick, informed decisions for security and safety applications.

The Video Investigation Software is targeted primarily for law enforcement, security investigators, crime investigation, incident analysis, property and retail security, airport and critical infrastructure security among others.


  • Accepts videos from a wide range of sources and formats
  • Controls object attributes (size, direction, color, speed)
  • One-click event selection indexes back to the original video
  • One-click export of Video synopsis and/or original video
  • Bookmarks and annotates objects for team collaboration
  • Manage area of interest/area of exclusion
  • Easy to operate


  • View Days of video footage in minutes
  • Discover previously unreported/undiscovered events
  • Reduce manpower time and costs
  • Integrates the user’s experience, intelligence and intuition
  • Export and share only relevant incident video clips




Video Analytics

Video Synopsis and Analysis of an Overpass


Video Analytics

Video Synopsis and Analysis of a Freeway

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