RDSO seminar

rdso_seminar Mistral Solutions, Esterel Technologies, LDRA and Research Design and Standards Organization (RDSO, Lucknow) are organizing a seminar on "How to comply with EN 50126/51028/51029 International Safety Standard for Rail Systems" in Lucknow on April 18th 2012. Through this seminar, Indian rail system suppliers will obtain an in-depth understanding of EN requirements and compliance for improving quality, safety and competiveness of their systems, as required by Indian Railways.

DO-178C Seminar

Mistral Solutions along with Esterel Technologies and LDRA organized a seminar on "DO-178C Airborne Safety Regulation Standard" in Bangalore on April 20th 2012. do_178c_seminar DO-178B air worthiness regulation has been in force since 1992, driving the certification process of most civilian aircrafts and systems. Given the technology evolvement, new design tools and inputs and constraints from all stakeholders (airframers, system suppliers, design tool supplier and certification authorities), a DO-178C initiative was launched in 2007 to update DO-178B, according to new design methodologies. DO-178C was approved by the committee in December 2011 and has been released in 2012. The seminar detailed the new DO-178C approach and how to comply with it.

Sitara ® AM335x workshop

Mistral participated in the two day Sitara ® AM335x workshop organized by Texas Instruments. The workshop was held on 19th & 20th June at Taj Vivanta, MG Road, Bangalore. ti_sitara_am335x_arm Mistral is a Platinum member of TI’s Design Network and is a part of a niche group of international companies that offer system-level design services and products, providing accelerated product innovation and time-to-market to product developers. Mistral has collaborated with leading companies on projects based on TI's leading platforms like Sitara, OMAP4, DM81xx, AM/DM37x, AM/DM18x among others, in providing custom design services to build next generation devices like android based smart phones, in-flight entertainment systems, e-book readers, augmented/virtual reality devices, head mounted devices, tactical computers, bar code scanners among others.

ARINC661 Seminar

Mistral Solutions along with Esterel Technologies organized a seminar on "ARINC 661 compliant Safety Critical Systems Development with DO-178B/C certification" in Bangalore on September 26th 2012. arinc_seminar First adopted in 2001, the ARINC 661 standard, aims to normalize the definition of a Cockpit Display System (CDS), and the communication between the CDS and User Applications (UA) such as Flight Management Systems, Flight Control Systems, Flight Warning System, etc. which manage Aircraft avionics functions. The seminar detailed the SCADE Solutions for ARINC 661 and highlighted building an ARINC 661 compliant Safety Critical Systems Development with DO-178B/C certification.

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