Mistral’s Product Engineering Services are delivered through a proven development process, designed for embedded product development. The Embedded Product Engineering Services from Mistral encompass hardware and software teams that works together in a seamless manner providing expert product designs covering Board Design, FPGA Design, BSP and Firmware development, Embedded Application development, integration of 3rd party solutions, Testing and Validation, product prototyping, production coordination and product sustenance services.

Product Engineering Services - BiometricsInternet of Things and platforms for connected smart objects
Product Engineering Services-Wearable ElectronicsSmall footprint, Power optimized Wearable Electronics
Product Engineering Services-InfotainmentInfotainment solutions for Home, Automotive and Lifestyle Electronics
Product Engineering Services-Medical and Assistive Technology Embedded Designs for Non-invasive Medical Electronics and Assistive Technology
Product Engineering Services-Home AutomationSmart, energy efficient Building and Home Automation solutions
Product Engineering Services-Industrial AutomationHigh-tech, Industrial Automation systems for Data Acquisition, Monitoring and Analysis
Product Engineering Services - BiometricsWireless and tamper-proof Biometric solutions


AWS Based Fleet Management Solution

Complete IoT application from Data Collection & Aggregation, Data Storage & Analytics for Android Client


AM437x Product on Module

High performance PoM with custom interfaces for easy deployment


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