Case Study: Electronic Labeling Solution


Customization of Craneboard for an Electronic Labeling Solution

Mistral was approached by a leading Electronic Labeling solutions provider to develop 1_Craneboard_Customization_085_13access point hardware for one of their Electronic Labeling solutions. The customer also wanted Mistral to build the diagnostic software and help them with the production of the access point.



Mistral designed and delivered the hardware and provided product qualification support. Mistral’s Craneboard was customized as an access point for the electronic tag. The hardware solution developed by Mistral was made to work seamlessly with the software developed by the customer. The design delivered was also compliant to CISPR and FCC class B conducted / radiated emissions / susceptibility and ESD standards. Mistral also customized the Linux BSP for development of quick and effective production test software.


Customer Benefits

  • Mistral’s design expertise in development platforms facilitated the quick modification of the Craneboard to an end product as per customer’s requirements
  • Mistral’s prior experience in designing products to meet regulatory compliance helped save valuable development time providing quicker time to-market value for the customer
  • Being a single source for hardware, software and production allowed the client to get a complete end-to-end solution with a single vendor saving on time and effort.

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