Case Study: Wearable Headset Computer


Hands-free, headset computer that responds to voice, hand or head gesture

A leading producer of semiconductor products and micro-displays approached Mistral to build a light-weight, next-generation headset computing and communications system with their proprietary near-eye virtual 15-inch micro-display.
Wearable Headset Computer
Mistral designed a system around the powerful OMAP3530 processor, with WiFi, Bluetooth and various other peripherals, along with their micro-display to deliver an optimized solution in a low-power, ultra-small form-factor design. The device integrated advanced voice/gesture recognition technology, allowing users to remotely control up to six independent devices and networks at one time cell phones, handhelds, PC’s, industrial and enterprise systems.

Customer Benefits


  • Leveraged Mistral’s proven expertise in development of low-power, handheld devices to build a mixed signal device with WLAN-BT and high-speed digital design working in close proximity
  • Customer received TSIA Recognized Innovator Award for Mobility in 2010, 2011 and 2012
  • A fully integrated deployable solution, thoroughly verified and certified for deployment, and compliant with functional and environmental standards was made available

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