Case Study- Rugged HD Digital Video Recorder


UAV mounted camera with airborne transmitter and ground station based receiver

Rugged DVRDesign and Development of a reference design and evaluation module for customer’s latest DM81xx/AM387x SoC targeted at high-power, high-performance video market.



Mistral developed the TMDXEVM8148, an open design that is currently being sold to customers all over the globe. The platform comprises of a base board, plug-in I/O board and an LCD adaptor board with customized application plug-in boards available for video camera, video conference, automotive and security surveillance. Mistral also provided online documentation, RMA and technical support for the product.


Customer Benefits

  • Complete outsourced product development – design, development, testing, proto build, production and support
  • Ideal platform for product developers to prototype their end applications
  • The development platform was also used for silicon bring-up using socket

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2018-01-19 19:00:11