Case Study: VOIP Radio Gateway


Radio Gateway interoperable with multiple of radio communication standards

Mistral was approached by a leading player in radio communications equipment to develop a VoIP Radio Gateway solution for integrating the VoIP Radio Gatewayfirm’s communication systems, which consisted of radio, telephony and others.



Mistral’s Telecom and networking team provided a VoIP radio gateway solution integrating various line, interface and mixer cards for the device.

Mistral also worked on protocol implementation, integrating audio codecs and the SIP client for making VoIP calls as part of the VoIP Radio Gateway solution. The team also implemented SNMP and RPC for the device and provided a web interface with configuration support for the VoIP Radio Gateway.


Customer Benefits

  • Customer was offered a small form-factor, power optimized VoIP Radio Gateway solution
  • The solution comprised of a compact unit integrating interface and conferencing into a single device, thereby saving cost for the customer
  • The VoIP radio gateway designed provided interoperability among incompatible communications systems

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