Case Study: Wireless Video Surveillance Solution

shutterstock_175723400This case study showcases Mistral’s capability in designing a next-generation wireless video surveillance solution, based on the 802.11n WLAN technology. The solution consists of a wireless IP camera, streaming audio/video data to a Network Video Recorder (NVR). The NVR provides storage and remote accessibility, through a web interface, for the recorded data.

The Requirement

The requirement was to design a wireless video surveillance system based on 802.11n consisting of an IP camera, and a central unit which records the data captured by multiple IP cameras. The cameras need to interact with the central unit, which also has the provision to remotely control the camera by network video recorder. Mistral also had to develop the Video Management Software that had to be integrated with the NVR.

Solution Provided

The wireless video surveillance solution designed by Mistral consists of two sub-systems: the wireless IP camera and the Network Video Recorder (NVR). The solution is based on Linux OS.

The wireless IP Camera was based on the i.MX27 processor; with H.264 encoding built-in and 128 MB of LPDDR RAM. The camera uses the 802.11n wireless standard to transfer recorded video and audio streams to the NVR. Wired connectivity to the external world is achieved through USB 2.0, 100 Mbps LAN or Serial UART. The camera also supports video analytics.

The Linux support packages for the camera included additional drivers for the following peripherals, to support the complete operation of the Camera:

  • Micron Camera sensor module
  • Net2280 based USB to PCI converter
  • WLAN driver for PCI based WLAN adapter (over the USB).
  • The NVR was based on the MPC-8548E PowerQuicc-3 processor from FreeScale; with I.MX27 based transcode engines for audio and video processing. The NVR can support up to 20 cameras. The recorded audio/video data is streamed from the IP camera to the NVR, for storage. This streaming is carried out using the RTP/RTCP protocol for pre-defined types of encoding (H.264 or MPEG4). The Darwin Streaming server is configured on the NVR to cater to Live and Off-Line Video-on-Demand services. Developed a complete Video Management System using HTML, javascript, php, ajax and mysql for video monitoring, video record management and user management.

Customer Benefits

  • End-to-End product design at Mistral helped the customer save time and effort of dealing with multiple vendors and also aided in getting the product-to market faster
  • The surveillance system designed by Mistral is a compact, cost effective solution ensuring relative ease in installation and administration.


2018-01-22 02:19:43