Case Study: PoM for Health and Wellness Applications

Designing a small form factor Product on Module for Health and Wellness Applications

MAX32600 Wellness POMMistral had to design and develop a small form factor, powerful evaluation platform with a host of sensors to detect and monitor vital health statistics like temperature, blood pressure, heart rate/blood oxygen level and footstep counts.  The development also included an Android application to display the readings captured by the PoM on a standard Android phone/tablet.



Mistral designed the solution consisting of hardware, firmware, integrated sensors and the android application. Mistral designed a small footprint, battery operated Product on Module (PoM) built around an ARM Cortex M3 based MCU consisting of a base board and a pluggable application module with I/O features like I2C, SPI and Op-Amp connections which were interfaced to sensors. An additional pluggable NFC card was included to establish authenticated auto Bluetooth connection with an NFC capable tablet/phone.


Customer Benefits

1)      Helped the customer in showcasing the capability of its Microcontroller portfolio in powering/handling a fully-fledged wearable medical product for the consumer market.

2)      As Wellness PoM adopts a dual board architecture, the customer could easily customize and develop the application board for other medical and industrial applications.

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