Portable Audio Designs

Mistral has extensive audio expertise having worked on various portable audio designs across platforms like Windows CE 5.0/6.0, Linux and Android.

Portable Audio Designs

The team has worked on high-end portable audio chipsets from TI like AIC31xx, AIC325x and AIC326x. Mistral also has experience in integrating Audio IC Chipsets from other vendors like Maxim, Wolfson and Realtek.

Mistral has successfully provided both offshore and onsite support to leading Tier-1 companies in US, China and Taiwan in the area of portable audio designs.


Mistral expertise in portable audio designs include:

  • Hardware Expertise
    • Development of Evaluation Modules for SoC Chipsets with Audio Converter Chipsets
    • Development of Audio Converter Daughter Cards for popular EVM boards
  • Software Expertise on Portable Audio Codecs, ADCs and DACs
    • Development of Audio Device Drivers for WinCE/Linux Environments
    • Customizing  Android HAL & Audio flinger layer for Smart-phone and Tablet related Audio use-cases
    • Integrating the  Audio pre and post processing algorithms Optimization/ Customization for End Products
  • Expertise on Portable Audio Amplifier Chipset
    • Creation of Secondary Audio Driver in the system
    • Support for run-time controls to tune Class-D Amp Parts
  • High-performance Audio DSP – Software Integration Expertise
    • Integration of Music based Post-Processing Algorithms into TI Audio HUB chipsets
    • Integration of Speech based Pre-processing Algorithms into TI Audio HUB Chipsets
  • Ultra-low Power Audio DSP Expertise
    • Board bring-up and DSP/BIOS Integration on TMS320VC5505 EVM
    • Custom audio software stack for C5505 DSP which includes the following functionality
      • Audio/Container format Processing for MP3, AAC file formats
      • Audio Decoding Library Integration on C5515 running DSP/BIOS OS
      • Audio Encoding Library Integration on C5515 running DSP/BIOS OS
      • Focus on End Customer Support and Low-Power Consumption for over-all Audio use-cases
      • C5515 Audio framework and CSL development
  • Car Audio – Infotainment Integration
    • Integration of Car Audio Software Stack for Analog Devices based Blackfin DSP Platforms
    • Integration of various Software features such as Audio CD, Data CD, Content Management for Car Dash and Infotainment for Analog Devices and Texas Instruments SoC based Platforms
    • Product Integration and bug fixes for car audio infotainment applications
    • Working with Tier-1 Car Infotainment Suppliers on Car Radio Unit Products for development and sustenance



To know more about Mistral’s Audio expertise in the embedded domain, email us at sales@mistralsolutions.com.

Portable Audio Designsemail us at sales@mistralsolutions.com



Portable Audio Designs


 Embedded Design expertise for Portable and High-end professional video applications

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Portable Audio Designs

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