High Speed Digital Designs

Mistral’s Hardware Design team has extensive experience in High Speed Digital Designs for a variety of data and video processing applications in media entertainment, defense and aerospace applications. The team has extensive understanding of transmission lines, signal integrity, power delivery, differential signaling and electromagnetic interference (EMI), which is needed to bring out an effective and efficient high-speed digital design.


Mistral’s high-speed digital design expertise includes:


  • Bus Standards (PCIx, PCIe, ATM, 10G, Hyperlink, SATA, GBit Ethernet, and Optical interfaces)
  • Analog and audio circuits
  • Advanced multi-processor boards  and Multi-core SoCs High-Speed Synchronous Memory Arrays
  • Digital Video
  • Digital Radio & baseband processing
  • Signal Integrity Analysis (Pre and Post-Route)
    • Up to 10GHz simulation
    • Termination Techniques
    • Matched Length Routing
    • Matched Pair Routing
    • Power and Ground Distribution/Planning
    • Controlled PCB Impedance/Stack-Up Recommendations
    • Pre SI simulation (Analysis for Time delays, Cross talk, Timing, EMI/EMC, Ground Bounce and Power Integrity)
    • Topology & stackup
    • Post SI simulation
    • Report generation


Mistral’s High Speed Digital services are based on a range of simulation and measurement tools which help visualize and address Signal integrity issues in both design and test. Listed below are a couple of high-speed digital designs executed by Mistral:

  • TMDXEVM8148, an development platform based on TI’s DM81xx SoC, where we achieved DDR3 clock rate of 920 MHz (800 MHz is the standard rate) and 1804 Mbps.
  • UAV  Video telemetry system based on DM8168 SoC
  • VoIP Radio Gateway based on Intel Celeron processor
  • Rear- Transition Module- Break-out Card for Keystone II based EVMs from TI, providing a high-speed transmission of 16 Gb/s serial data with IT168



To know more about Mistral’s High-speed Digital Design Expertise, email us at sales@mistralsolutions.com.

emailemail us at sales@mistralsolutions.com



RTM-BOC for Keystone II EVMs

An eight layer plug-in module for the Keystone II family of EVM.


pcblayout and analysis

PCB Layout and Analysis

Complex PCB Designs for multi-processor and multi-layer boards

Case study


VoIP Radio Gateway

VOIP radio Gateway solution interoperable with all types of radio communication


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