Reference Designs

Mistral provides product reference design services for various ARM, DSP and multi-core SoCs by leveraging the capabilities of these silicons for designing next-generation devices. Mistral’s product reference designs are offered to customers with access to source files like Gerber and schematics enabling them to make necessary modifications to the PCB design to suit their product development. These reference designs help developers’ prototype and implement solutions quickly and efficiently with minimal risk. Mistral’s Reference Design solution is tightly integrated with expertise in areas such as Prototyping. Mistral also offers customization services on these reference designs including design modification, BOM optimization, custom firmware and algorithms and product prototyping helping product developers take their designs-to-market faster. The TMDXEVM8148, a Reference Design from Mistral Solutions based on Texas Instruments DM814x SoC, the TMDXEVM8148, was among the Finalists for the prestigious UBM ACE Awards 2012 in the “Development Kits, Reference Designs and SBCs” category.   Listed below are a few of the reference designs available from Mistral:

  • AM/DM37x Reference Design
  • TMDXEVM8148 Reference Design

Mistral also provides application-specific reference designs and custom reference design development services. Some of the reference designs available from Mistral in the automotive domain, these include:   Hands-free Car Kit (HFCK) is a car telematics reference design based on Analog Devices’ BF532 processor. The reference design provides hands-free operation, to make/receive calls through a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone to a user. The HFCK reference Design consists of a main unit, power supply and car interface, UI, a microphone and speaker.   Low Cost Navigation (LCNAV), built on the Analog Devices BF539 processor, is a reference design platform for navigation applications. It provides navigation through GPS and hands-free capability through Bluetooth connectivity. LCNAV reference design can be used in cars for hands-free, voice-activated dialing; and for audio streaming over Bluetooth (Car Infotainment).   Reference Designs Download Reference Design Brief for HFCK and LCNAV

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Reference Designs


Easy-to-use development platform for next generation HD Video applications


Android KitKat running on AM437x GP-EVM

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Reference Designs

Hands-free Car Kit

Car Telematics application for hands-free operation of Bluetooth devices


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