Silicon Bringup
macro view of cpu pins and circuit mother board

Over the years, Mistral has  worked with several semiconductor companies helping them design development platforms and reference designs for their new and upcoming silicon. Mistral’s range of services for silicon vendors and early adaptors of SoC include Pre-Silicon Bring-Up, Post-Silicon Bring-Up, Reference Designs, Performance Validation and Product Development.
Working with semiconductor companies on their new and upcoming silicon has helped Mistral garner vast expertise in “Silicon Bring-up”. Mistral’s experienced team of engineers has rich experience in bringing up various peripherals like USB, GBE, PCI, A/V and UART on Silicon samples and evaluation boards.
Mistral’s expertise in Silicon bring-up includes:

  • Pre-Silicon Bringup
    • Silicon Architecture study
    • Understanding the analysis of clock sources and clock distribution
    • Understanding power requirements and power sequencing
    • Design and Development of platform for Silicon Bring-up
    • High speed BGA Socket based Hardware board design
  • FPGA logic development for Hardware platform verification
    • Verification of silicon IP core
      • On the FPGA/EMU platform
      • Development of low level test code for verification of functionality
      • Analysis of timings and its scalability for desired speed of operation
  • Preparation for silicon bring-up
    • Develop hardware platform with all interfaces for verification along with debug infrastructure
    • Development of low level test code and scripts for hardware platform
    • Interface Bring-up plan
  • During Silicon Bring-Up
    • Hardware platform
      • Verification of hardware platform for clocks and voltages without the Silicon on the board (with sockets for placing the silicon)
      • Verification of the power sequence as against expected sequence
      • Verification of the clock and reset generation after placing the SoC on the board
    • Software / test infrastructure
      • Prepare test suite for verification  of all proven IP cores (verified in earlier version of SoC)
      • Prepare test cases and new IP cores
      • Boot-loader (U-Boot) code built ready
      • Basic Linux kernel port built ready
    • Silicon verification
      • Run the low-level tests based on emulation devices
      • Prepare and analyze anomalies (acceptable bug, production stop bug, can be addressed in future revisions)
      • Identify and implement corrective actions for production stop bugs and plan to address other anomalies
  • Post Silicon Bring-up
    • Operating one or more manufactured chips in actual application environments
      • Validate correct behaviors over specified operating conditions
    • Post silicon Bring-up on three type of devices
      • Emulation Device
      • General Purpose Device
      • Secure Device




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