Small form factor Designs

Compact Small Form Factor DesignWith the ongoing demand for smaller and compact electronic products, there is a need to densely pack electronics so that they occupy minimum real estate while providing maximum functionality. The advent of feature-rich, multi-core SoCs with PoP technology and graphic accelerators have furthered this cause making it feasible for product designers to bring up compact, small form factor designs for the next generation of portable and wearable applications in health and wellness, biometrics, home automation and industrial automation.

Leveraging on extensive design and engineering expertise in the embedded domain, Mistral delivers high-performance small form factor systems with advanced mechanical and functional design. Mistral’s small form factor designs optimize space, weight and performance to achieve the perfect balance of ruggedness and technology by creating multiple PCBs with miniature interconnects. Mistral provides optimum solutions by:

  • Selecting minimum footprint components meeting functional and performance requirements
  • Defining the right interconnect strategy considering performance, real estate, cost and durability
  • Maintaining IPC standards in creating footprints
  • Using HDI technology where necessary
  • Performing DFM and DFA checks with its eco-system of vendors
  • Questioning the mechanical constraints to understand the flexibility available
  • Understanding the thermal impact
  • Power management and optimization

Mistral’s expert team of engineers looks at building smaller yet powerful and feature rich systems overcoming significant challenges in product design. Mistral’s Small form factor design services include:

  • High Density Interconnect (HDI)
  • Blind and buried micro vias
  • PoP Technology
  • Rigid-flex PCBs

Mistral has extensive expertise on Small Form Factor Design and has provided solutions on various projects :

  • Portable Scanner for visually Impaired
  • RFID based prescription reader
  • GPS Module
  • Hands Free Headset Computer
  • Video telemetry system for UAV
  • Wearable 3D video player



“Kopin’s Golden-i development is a global multi-national endeavor. Working with many of the world’s best technology, component and software companies, Kopin required the most knowledgeable and experienced hardware integrator with advanced low power system experience – that’s Mistral. Mistral is a phenomenally well organized, accommodating and flexible hardware design integrator. Mistral is the best in the world at what they do. Mistral’s contribution to Golden-i™ continues to be significant and started with fully functional first printed circuit board assemblies, on-time and on-budget.”                             - Jeffrey Jacobsen, Kopin Corporation  
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Case Study

Wearable Headset Computer

Wearable Headset Computer

Hands-free, headset computer that responds to voice, hand or head gesture




High Density Interconnector PCBs for small form factor designs


Wearable Electronics

Wearable Electronics

Smart, compact and power efficient designs for Wearable Computing


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