Video Expertise

Digitization of content and converging technologies has in the recent years radically changed the way content is managed and distributed among consumers, particularly in the media and entertainment space. Users expect portability of video across devices: from mobiles to in-vehicle gadgets to broadcast and interactive internet applications.

Mistral has extensive video expertise and experience in designing devices that support video processing for a wide variety of applications in the consumer, industrial and medical segments. These devices have been built across platforms like Android, Embedded Linux, Windows Embedded based on high-end multicore SoCs designed for video applications.

Mistral is the preferred contracting partner of leading companies for software and hardware development in the portable video and high-end professional video applications.  Both these technologies require diverse handling.


High-end Professional Video

High-end professional multimedia systems are power hungry and the emphasis is on quality of video with legacy support and managing multiple high resolution video streams. These systems are primarily used in defense and industrial applications. The SoCs made for such applications (PNX Series from NXP and the Texas Instruments DaVinci series) are designed for HD video transcode, encode & decode. The focus while building such systems would be on achieving quality output and performance.


Portable Video

Portable Video is most commonly used in consumer electronics applications. Most of these products are battery-powered, and involves other features like WiFi, GPS, GSM, Bluetooth etc. The processor resource available here are limited and the emphasis is on good quality video with low power consumption requiring video optimization during encoding and transmission.

Mistral’s team has extensive experience on these technologies, specializing in video distribution encompassing capture, encode and transmission of video. Mistral provides a cost-effective solution, that involves design trade-offs for required system performance, hardware complexity, and power consumption. Mistral’s experience in the video domain includes designing of products like: Network Video Recorder, Surveillance Cameras, Portable Media Player, In-vehicle infotainment, In-flight Entertainment systems and Internet enabled devices.


Mistral’s expertise in digital video designs include:

  • Multi-format, multi-standard digital video (DV) engine
    • Manage and display of incoming video streams from multiple sources
  • Multiple coding standards (MPEG2, MPEG4, H.264, VC1, )
    • Defining various levels/profiles providing tradeoff between computational complexity and compression efficiency
  • Digital video format/resolution
    • Video interfaces like: HDMI, DVI, Component, S-Video, Composite, HD-SDI, 2D-SDI, 3G-SDI, Camera Link
    • Video scaling from lower resolutions to standard definition (SD) or High Definition (HD) and vice versa
    • Legacy support for NTSC, PAL and other formats
  • Custom pre-processing
    • Bayer-to-RGB
    • Pixel correction
    • White balance
    • Color space conversion
    • Bt656/RGB conversion
    • De-interlacing
  • Handling issues like video compression/decompression, video degradation, jitter, digitization, streaming methods, and network transmission to ensure top video quality
  • Balancing increased memory capacity, greater processing power, wider networking bandwidths, display type, and power management and making these components fit together seamlessly


Some of the recent video based products designed by us are listed below:

  • UAV mounted camera with airborne transmitter and ground station based receiver
  • Smart IP camera for border surveillance
  • Head-mounted, voice activated embedded device with micro display
  • Personalized 3D video player
  • Capacitive touch based touchscreen remote for inflight applications
  • Next-gen seat video display unit providing rich multimedia experience  and supporting multiple displays
  • Handheld Electronic Magnifier for Low Vision
  • Industrial Headset Computer with hands-free operation
  • On-officer video recording system
  • Interactive Audio-visual Glasses
  • Portable Scanner for Visually Impaired with Skype integration


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