AM437x Application Board

Mistral’s AM437x Application board is a four layer Add-on Module for AM437x PoM built for the ARM-Cortex A9 Sitara AM437x SoC from Texas Instruments. The AM437x AM437x_Application-Board_ImageApplication Board interfaces with PoM through its expansion connectors and provides general purpose 7” LCD with capacitive touch screen along with keypad and sensors like Ambient light (ALS), Temperature, Accelerometer.


The AM437x Application Board supports Industrial interfaces such as RS485, CAN/Profibus, Ether CAT, Dual motor control, EnDAT/eQEP encoders and ADC for motor current sensing. It also supports ZigBee communication using TI’s CC2530 ZigBee module interfaced externally via its expansion connectors.


The AM437x Application Board when connected with AM437x PoM can be used for building products for Industrial Automation, Home Automation and Biometrics.



  • Four-layer PCB with FR-4 dielectric material, thickness of about 1.6mm.
  • User Interface:
    • 7” LCD with Capacitive Touch Controller
    • LED and KEYPAD buttons
  • Sensors:
    • Ambient Light Sensor, Temperature Sensor
    • 3- axis Accelerometer
    • Communication:
    • RS-485/ CAN / Profibus
    • EtherCAT
    • Supports TI’s CC2530 ZigBee module via additional Expansion Connectors
  • Control:
    • Dual Motor Control
    • Interfaces:
    • ADC for Motor Current Sense
    • EnDAT / eQEP
  • Board Dimension:
    • 190mm x 165mm
    • Temperature:
    • Commercial Grade
  • Power Input:
    • +24V DC for AM437x Application Board and AM437x PoM RevB (when industrial interfaces are used)
    • +5V DC for AM437x Application Board and AM437x PoM RevB (when other general purpose interfaces are used)
  • Software :
    • Android KitKat support 

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AM437x Application Board

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