Board Design Services

Be it a simple design concept, adding features to a current design or a complete design package (schematics, bill of materials, design documentation and PCB layout); Mistral can provide the necessary expertise. Mistral’s board design services are based on the latest processors and peripherals and support efficient processor inter-communications, memory access operations and power management to deliver a cost-effective design and manufacturing testability.

From initial design to manufacture, Mistral’s PES team ensures innovative and cost-effective measures to fulfill planned technical and business requirements. Mistral’s embedded board design services includes component selection and design guidelines for:

  • FCC, UL certification, CE Marking
  • Compliance to RoHS and WEEE
  • Design for Manufacturability
  • Power Analysis for product battery life optimization
  • Signal quality and integrity analysis
  • Reduced system debug time


Mistral’s expertise in board design includes:

 Battery operated Designs

  • Dynamic frequency scaling
  • Energy-efficient designs
  • Video Enabled low-power designs
  • Reduced power dissipation
  • Hardware and software optimization
  • Power and memory management techniques
  • Power-performance tradeoffs based on end-application

Embedded Processor based Designs

  • ARM based SoCs/multi-core,  Multi-processor architecture
  • Designs for navigation, audio and video application
  • Low-power designs for wearable, handheld and portable devices
  • Development platforms to streamline development of wireless/multimedia devices

 Wireless Designs

  • Wireless technologies
    • GPS, GSM, FM
    • Bluetooth, Zigbee, LTE based Designs
    • W-LAN and Wi-Max
  • Multiple RF based Designs
  • RF module integration for embedded applications

Digital Designs

  • Multi core SoCs, Multi-processor systems
  • High-Speed Synchronous Memory Arrays
  • PCIx, PCIe, ATM, 10GigE, MOD-Bus and Optical interfaces
  • Parallel and High-speed serial interfaces like Camera link, 3G SDI, Hyperlink, AIF
  • Switching Backplane

Mixed Signal Designs

  • High-speed ADC and DAC designs
  • Designs for Audio applications
  • Video and VGA processing
  • RF, Analog and Digital Designs

 Small Footprint Designs

  • Multi-layered PCB designs
  • Designs optimization for planned hardware footprint
  • Energy and cost-effective designs for next generation devices
  • High Density Interconnect (HDI)
  • Blind and buried micro vias
  • PoP Technology
  • Rigid Flex and Flex PCBs
“TI’s long and productive collaboration with Mistral has consistently yielded world class solutions to our customers. Mistral’s team has shown great technical prowess in building development tools on several of our leading embedded processors. We are pleased to be collaborating with a team that is proactive and adaptive to our fast paced technical innovations. Mistral’s expertise of our OMAP(TM) and DaVinci(TM) technology solutions have been noteworthy and a critical contribution in quickly getting many of our customers products to market.” - Gerard Andrews, Texas Instruments
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Power Management

Low power designs and power management techniques for embedded devices


Hardware software

HW-SW Co-design

 The different aspects of HW-SW Co-design with respect to embedded product design




Easy-to-use development platform for next generation HD Video applications


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