Product Lifecycle Support
Product Lifecycle Support

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As products evolve and mature, the balance shifts towards product lifecycle management (PLM). To remain competitive and for continuous value creation, product companies need to sustain their products by releasing patch updates, providing regular upgrades, feature enhancements and customer support at all levels; thereby maintaining satisfaction levels. At the same time, they need to bring out new versions of the products and also ensure that these inter-operate with existing products. All this puts a strain on the existing product development resources, which need to focus on new product development.

With its expertise in both software and hardware engineering, Mistral offers proven and robust product lifecycle support services, thereby helping companies focus their resources on new product development. Mistral’s product lifecycle support services include:


  • Product Support
    • Mistral provides dedicated product support services to its customer. The support options available for customers include:
      • Pre-sales support
      • Email/ telephonic support during warranty period
      • Online and telephonic support
      • RMA
      • Paid support beyond the warranty period
  • These support services can be classified as:
    • Level 1
      • Log and issue support request
      • Review FAQ, support database to see prior incidence
      •  Send out an appropriate response
      • Ask customer to run some tests to get further information
      • Track support incident to closure
      • Request passed to Level 2 if adequate information is not available
    • Level 2
      • Technical support with access to code base and tools
      • Run tests to validate the support request
      • Recreate user problems and devise workarounds
      • Review test results and decide if an RMA needs to be issued for observation/repair
      • Migrate the support request to Level 3 when necessary
    • Level 3
      • Provided by experts in the domain
      • Involved in product development
      • Manage code and make code modifications/ enhancements
      • Release periodic patches
      • Feature additions
  • Product Maintenance
    • Product Updates
      • Bug Fixes
      • Patch Development (Code and Binary changes)
      • Hardware Fixes
      • Regression Testing
      • Service Packs
    • Patch distribution
    • Maintenance of available patches; including code, associated documentation, configuration etc.
  • Product Enhancement
    • Feature Enhancements
      • Hardware
        • Miniaturization – Smaller footprint
        • Component changes/additions – Feature /performance enhancement; BOM optimization
        • Hardware re-design
        • Re-engineering for obsolescence and cost reduction
      • Software
        • Feature upgrade
        • New platform support
        •  UI Experience
    • Integration, Testing and Documentation
  • Obsolescence Management

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