Application Development
Application Development

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With a successful track record in developing a variety of applications across domains such as the lifestyle electronics, wireless, video, automotive and industrial applications, Mistral’s embedded software team offers high quality and flexible embedded application development using the best software engineering methodologies across popular OS platforms like Android, Embedded Linux and Windows Embedded.


Mistral has successfully executed many projects on embedded application implementation and integration. Mistral’s expertise includes:


Mobile Application Development    

  • Android Application Development
    • Design and implementation of end user applications
    • UI Customization
    • NDK Applications- Porting of Native applications to different platforms versions
    • PIM, Lifestyle, Travel, Entertainment, Social Networking, Maps, navigation, News & Location, Themes and various utility applications
    • Validation and Verification using Android instrumentation
    • Framework Customization – Customizing look and feel of Android devices through Boot-up Animation, Launcher Application, Live Wallpapers, Themes and Lock Screen
    • Validation and Verification using Android instrumentation
  • iOS Application Development
    • Custom iOS/iPhone apps development for iPhone and iPad
    • Application for iPhone accessories
    • iOS Application development using Objective C, Swift
    • iOS 8.x Support
    • Support for Core bluetooth (BLE), Core Data and Addressbook
    • Application Porting, Maintenance, Deployment and Release management

Linux Application

  • QT Based UI applications
  • Embedded applications for head-less devices
  • Media framework customization
  • Media streaming server / applications
  • Database and web-services

Application Migration

  • Migrating legacy software to latest OS platforms / frameworks
  • Migrating to new hardware

Performance Optimization

  • System profiling to identify bottlenecks and component tuning to bring out the best performance
Custom Application Development

  • Embedded
    • C, Assembly Language based embedded applications
    • Application Development for Arduino, 8,16 and 32-bit microcontroller andDSP
    • Customized / Optimized for  embedded products
    • Low memory footprint
    • Standard and non-standard input/output
    • Application for a variety of OS platforms and frameworks
    • Seamless Application and Middleware interoperability
    • Algorithm development
  • PC
    • Test automation software
    • Industrial and Scientific application
    • Device driver integration and protocol development
    • Data visualization and management

Web / Cloud applications

  • Web application optimization for low performance systems
  • Web application for real time distributed systems
  • 3rd party communication protocol …………..……………………………………………………….

Application support and maintenance

  • Feature addition
  • Bug reporting, tracking, resolution, testing and validation
  • Test Suite compliance
  • Coding standards
  • Device compatibility             

Windows Application Development

  • Windows MFC/C# based End UI Application for Portable Medical Devices
  • Windows MFC/C# based End UI Application for Military Tracking Devices



Some projects that showcase Mistral’s Application Development skills are:

  • Android mobile app for NFC based prescription reader for visually challenged
  • Android mobile app Development for a wearable fitness platform
  • Android mobile/tab Application for capturing and displaying medical data from a wellness device
  • Android application development for home media center
  • Web based Test platform development for Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicles
  • QT based application for analyzing data captured by a handheld X-Ray fluorescence device
  • QT / Web Based GUI for Configuration and Monitoring of Industrial Gateway
  • Enterprise application for a video surveillance solution
  • Windows based Host application for capturing and plotting maternal and Fetal ECG
  • Headless Application development for a talking bar code scanner for visually impaired
  • Multimedia application development for radio head unit for tier-1 automotive vehicle


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Case Studies

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iOS Application Development for Drones

iOS Application for drone control, photo/video capturing from a tablet/phone.


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Complete IoT application from Data Collection & Aggregation, Data Storage & Analytics for Android Client


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Home Automation

Monitoring solutions for Home Appliances, Energy, Lighting and Security Devices


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