Testing and Validation Services

Mistral’s Testing and Validation services (Quality Assurance services) meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2008, DO178B, DO254, DO278 standards for Lifestyle, Consumer Electronics, Automotive Electronics and defense electronics.

Testing and Validation Services

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Mistral adopts innovative approaches throughout the entire quality process with fully integrated Testing, Verification and Validation services to ensure high usability, performance and quality assurance services while releasing new products and devices.

Mistral’s V&V team follows a model as per the project requirements (e.g. Prototype, Spiral, Iterative, V Model, Agile) and participates in all phases of the project, such as formal technical reviews, audits, carrying out different levels of testing like White box, Black box, System testing and assist during certification process.

Mistral’s Verification and Validation services team assesses project deliverables in an independent manner regardless of the stage of development and ensures that the deliverables are in line with customer requirements.

Test automation solutions are regularly built and deployed by the Testing and Validation team to help execute tests in an automated manner, thereby considerably reducing execution cycle-time. Verification and Validation services include an independent review of the developed test solutions by the verification and validation team to ensure that the project requirements are correctly implemented.

Based on the level of testing required for the project, the verification and validation services team executes test cycles in an independent, efficient and optimal manner using developed test solutions. Issues found during testing are reported as Problem Reports and are tracked to closure.

Testing and Validation Services Offered:

  • Independent review of Requirements, Design, Source Code
  • Unit Testing i.e. White Box Testing
  • Hardware-Software Integration Testing
  • System Testing i.e. Black Box Testing
  • Test Automation solutions to reduce test cycle-time significantly, carry out effectively and efficiently stress, performance tests; detect defects in early part of lifecycle
  • Test Documentation
  • Certification and Liaison


Skill Set

  • Methodologies: Hardware in-loop simulation (HIL), Customized Tests , Modeling and simulation, Customized Test Jigs, UML-based Simulation, LabView/Matlab/Simulink
  • Tools - RTRT, LTP, CANTATA++, Coverity, Klocwork
    CTS (Compliance Test Suite), Test Harness for Android
    Code Sourcery, IAR Embedded Workbench
    ITBOK Suite to test Peripheral interfaces on the Hardware
  • Protocols: USB, Ethernet, RS-232, RS-422, UART
    Bluetooth, WiFi, ZigBee
  • Languages: C, C++, Perl, Python, TTL, XML, Shell Script, Socket Programming
  • Debuggers: Trace32, iONE, GDB, BDI
  • OS: Linux, Android, WinCE
Domain Expertise

  • Consumer and Lifestyle Electronics
    • Navigation systems
    • Wearable Electronics
    • Assistive Technology
    • Home and Industrial Automation solutions
    • Multimedia and Infotainment Systems
    • Telecom and Networking Systems
  • Evaluation Modules for new chipsets
  • BSPs & Device Drivers validation
  • Validation suites for Production

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Testing and Validation Services

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Testing and Validation Services

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