Mistral’s Product Engineering Services (PES) team has, over the years, pioneered the use of latest technologies across a wide spectrum of domains. The team offers an integrated portfolio of product engineering services to its customers from Consulting, Design and Development, System Integration, Testing and Validation, Production and Product Lifecycle Support for key industry verticals.

The team has extensive experience in designing products for these domains; integrating audio, video, wireless technologies and DSP algorithms to provide world-class solutions for innovative next-generation applications.

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Internet of Things

  1. IoT Sensor Nodes
  2. IoT Gateways
  3. IoT Protocols
  4. Communication technologies

Wearable Electronics

  1. Head-mounted
  2. Smart watches
  3. Clip-on Sensors
  4. Wearable Gaming consoles and gadgets


  1. Fingerprint Scanner
  2. Iris Recognition
  3. Face Recognition
  4. Biometric Verification

Industrial Automation

  1. Industrial Computer
  2. Industrial Cameras/Gateways
  3. HMI Terminals
  4. Power quality analyzers

Home Automation

  1. Monitor Light, Temperature and Humidity sensor
  2. Home Appliances
  3. Energy and Lighting
  4. Security Devices

Assistive Technology

  1. Low Vision Aids
  2. Blindness Aids
  3. Non-Invasive Medical


  1. In-flight entertainment
  2. In-vehicle entertainment
  3. Home Media Center
  4. Personal Devices


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Case Study

Wearable Headset Computer

Hands-free Headset with Virtual Display

Hands-free, headset computer that responds to voice, hand or head gesture


Product Design Services

End-to-end product design services in embedded domain

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