Bio-metrics is imperative to most applications in the consumer market including high security applications. There are various bio-metrics designs and devices available which identifies definite characteristics of individuals like iris, retina, hand, face, voice and signature. Biometrics -Opt1As the Internet of Things continues to evolve so will the mainstream use of biometrics. Biometric authentication offers the ease and convenience users want and the verification enterprises and manufacturers require for IoT because it is able to verify the true identity of the user of the application. From smart homes, to the automotive industry, banking, and healthcare, there will be endless applications in various industries in which biometrics will be integrated.

Mistral’s Product Engineering Services team has extensive experience in Biometric technology and has designed several Biometrics devices that are used for both corporate security and government programs. These devices have been built on the Linux and Android platforms.

Mistral has worked with several leading product development companies providing complete hardware and software solutions for their biometric devices.  Understanding the sensitivity of the information being collected in these applications, Mistral’s team ensures extreme security measures for the devices. The three levels of security being implemented in the devices are – Electronic Tamper, Mechanical Tamper and Data encryption.

Leveraging on its 18+ years of expertise in design and development of embedded systems, Mistral delivers robust, high-performance solutions for bio-metrics devices.

Mistral’s expertise in designing biometric devices includes:

  • Understanding of Biometrics Standards
    • ISO/IEC 19794-4 , ISO/IEC 19794-2, FIPS 201 PIV , ISO 14443A/B, ISO/IEC 14443-2:2010, MIFARE, Felica, ISO7816,T=0,T=1, ISO/IEC 7816-1:2011
  • Image capturing and processing
  • Integration and interoperability between biometric devices and existing networks
  • Sensor Technologies – Resistive, Optical and Prism
  • Hardware Design and firmware development
    • Hardware software co-design
    • Small-footprint, power-optimized designs
    • Firmware and BSP development
    • Multiple RF and wireless
    • Independent verification and validation
  • Biometrics performance (Speed and Accuracy) test and evaluation
  • Mechanical Design and Fabrication
  • Compliance trials, UL and CE certification testing
    • High-level assembly and integration testing
    • Burn-in tests
  • Production support
    • Standard EMS Service with Class 10,000 Clean Room Facility
  • Product sustenance services
  • Integration of encryption-decryption third party algorithms for data retrieval, processing and authentication
Some of the biometrics projects executed by Mistral are listed below:
  • Biometric attendance system based on AM335x running WinCE 7 supporting fingerprint, RFID, camera
  • Hardware design with camera, USB, µSD and FPGA interface for an IRIS Recognition Device
  • Build-to- print support (BOM Management and High Level Packaging) for production of 2000+ units of Finger Print Scanners with 99% yield efficiency
  • Intelligent, weather proof, Finger print identification and verification system based on TI DSP confirming to UL Standards
  • Hardware Design Development of 1000+ units of Bio-metrics verification systems
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