Medical and Assistive Technology

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Assistive technology aims at easing connectivity and communication for individuals with sensory, physical or cognitive difficulties, impairments and disabilities to fully participate in society.Technological developments in electronics over the past years have made it possible to integrate many of the key features required for medical and assistive technology into mainstream products making these concepts a reality. Internet of Things in healthcare is making it easier to record and store information, while at the same time making it quicker and more effortless to access it. IoT will extend the connectivity and transmission of health data from the patient to the physician on a regular basis, or immediately and continuously in an emergency. The Medical IoT will make medicine participatory, personalized, predictive and preventive. IoT also has the potential to aid as an enabler of assistive technologies by increasing accessibility support and services for people with disabilities in domains such as health care, education, independent and assisted living, mobility and navigation in public spaces among others.

Mistral has the requisite skill sets in designing and developing electronics devices connected to the Internet of Things for medical electronics and electronics assistive technology products. These include items designed specifically to help people with vision loss or other disabilities, like portable scanners for the visually impaired or screen magnifiers for low-vision computer users, audio/hearing aids, and diagnostic instruments like EEG/ECG Monitoring, Fetal heart rate monitoring, BP monitoring etc.

Mistral has worked with several medical electronics and assistive technology device companies on their product designs, leading up to the FDA certification of those devices. By offering broad platform support, Mistral brings invaluable processor/operating system/testing/system validation expertise to the customer’s design. Mistral’s embedded product design services for medical and assistive technology include board and FPGA design, integration of medical sensors, porting, and middleware and application development.


Mistral’s range of expertise in medical and assistive technology includes:

  • Sensor Integration
    • Pulse Oximetry, ECG/EEG, Non-Invasive BP
    • Gyro, Camera, Accelerometer
  • Embedded application design and Development with features like
    •  Interactive voice based menu
    • Low Latency Graph Plotting for vital signs
    • Generation and Storage of Vital signs output
    • Low Latency Data Exchange with PC devices for off-line analysis
  • Integration of Internet/Cloud based services for
    • Video analytics, Currency / object recognition, Barcode scan and Online Product Search
    • VOIP/ Skype integration
    • Heart-Rate, ECG Calculation/Analysis Algorithm(s) Integration
    • Custom DSP Libraries Integration for data Analysis


  • Integration of Wireless Technologies like WiFi, BT, GPS and GSM/GPRS
  • OTA updates
  • Hardware accelerators integration
  • Analog Front End electronics for high precision data capture
  • Third party library integration for voice recognition, gesture recognition, OCR, TTS and likes
  • Hardware Design and Firmware
    • Hardware abstraction layer customization
    • Boot time optimization
    • Form factor designs
  • Power and Battery Management
  • Assisting End customers in document submission for FDA Approvals
  • Design for compliance




Some of the medical and assistive technology projects executed by Mistral include:

    • RFID based portable device to help visually impaired identify prescription information on a pill bottle
    • Medical device for processing and  monitoring fetal and maternal ECG data
    • All-in-one” portable scanner to aid visual or print impaired individuals
    • Multi-lingual medical assistance system to aid patients and medical professionals speaking different languages
    • Braille note taker that provides the functionality of an android tablet
    • Pill bottle prescription reader Android Application for  visually impaired
    • Android based Handheld Electronic Magnifier for low vision



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Medical and Assistive Technologyemail us at

Case Study

Medical and Assistive Technology

Portable Bar Code scanner

Portable “all-in-one” talking barcode scanner for people with visual impairments

Case Study

Medical and Assistive Technology

Fetal Monitoring System

FDA approved medical device for processing and monitoring fetal /maternal ECG data


VISE Board

High power device built around the powerful i.MX6 Dual/Quad Core, ARM Cortex A9 SoC from Freescale


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