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Safety Critical

Safety Critical

Image Name Form factor Classification Processor Description
ANSYS medini analyze

Provides manufacturers of electronic components and systems in aerospace domain with dedicated support for functional safety analysis

Digital Down Converter, Fast Fourier Transform Algorithm, VxWorks, Nand Flash Controller IP Core Wind River VxWorks Cert Platform

RTOS for safety-critical applications that require RTCA DO-178, EUROCAE ED-12, or IEC 61508 certification evidence in a single integrated environment, with complete platform integration, including powerful tools for debugging, code analysis, and test.

Wind River VxWorks 653

Complete multi-core ARINC 653–compliant platform for the IMA marketplace provides robust time and space partitioning to ensure fault containment and the ability to upgrade applications with minimal test and integration demands.


Integrated design environment for critical applications including requirements management, model-based design, simulation, verification, qualifiable/certified code generation and interoperability with other development tools and platforms.

ANSYS SCADE Solutions for ARINC 661

Design and prototype of ARINC 661 compliant systems, embedded Cockpit Display Systems (CDS) and User Applications (UA) with the SCADE Solutions for ARINC 661 and significantly decrease overall avionics software development and modifications costs.


Systems and Software Lifecycle Management software features requirements traceability via application lifecycle management (ALM) tools, traceability from models, configuration and change management, and automatic documentation generation.


Design robust embedded displays for human machine interfaces with native support for the OpenGL® SC1 & SC2 (Safety Critical) and ES1 & ES2 (Embedded system) standards