Electronic Warfare

Extensive experience in implementing a wide array of Electronic Warfare systems including: Friend or Foe Identification (IFF), Electronic Support Measures (ESM) and Electronic Counter Measures (ECM).


Electronic Warfare (EW) is warfare within the Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS). Electronic warfare is any action involving the use of electromagnetic spectrum (EM spectrum) or directed energy to sense, protect, and communicate. EW involves the military use of electromagnetic energy to prevent or reduce an enemy’s effective use of the EMS while protecting its use for friendly forces. Electronic Warfare systems can also be used to either disrupt or use these signals. Electronic warfare systems use focused energy, electromagnetic signals such as radio, infrared or radar to sense, protect, and communicate. Any Electronic warfare system must have a way to collect and make sense of the signals in its environment.

With 20+ years of experience in RADAR and signal processing, Mistral is able to leverage on its extensive experience in embedded software, hardware engineering and RADAR systems to design custom, rugged electronic warfare systems and solutions. Mistral’s expertise in design and development of Electronic Warfare solutions include system concept development, modeling and simulation, system design, implementation, testing and production support. Mistral’s engineering team has extensive experience in implementing a wide array of electronic warfare systems and solutions like friend or foe identification (IFF), Direction Finding, electronic support measures (ESM) and electronic counter measures (ECM), Digital RF Memory (DRFM) sub-systems and wide-band jammers.

These ESM and ECM systems gather Electronic Warfare information Electronic Intelligence (ELINT), Communications Intelligence (COMINT) and other receivers. Mistral’s engineers can help specify, develop, integrate, test and support leading-edge Electronic Warfare systems by implementing signal processing algorithms on DSP or FPGA platforms with DO-178B compliant software implementation, testing and qualification, operational support, and system upgrades.


Hardware Design

Electronic Warfare systems working in V/UHF Bands

Multi-processor/ Multi board application architecture and design

Radar Controller & Data Processing

Testing and Validation

SW IV&V compliant to DO-178B for Electronic Warfare applications

CEMILAC certified independent testing and validation

FPGA/Processor Algorithm

Pulse Compression


Vector Correlation

Correlatory interferometry

Kalman Filtering

Platform Motion Compensation

Antenna Aperture Calculation

Doppler Processing

Noise Floor Estimation

Electronics Warfare Applications

Airborne Direction-Finding Systems

Monitoring and Analysis Receivers

Active Array Antenna Unit and Controller

High-speed Data Recorders

RF Frontend Systems

Integrated HMI and Displays

Radar Processing Unit

Electronic Bean Steering Unit

Antenna Switching Unit

System Software

DO-178B compliant software development

VxWorks/LynxOS based systems

Customizing of media, display, overlay, storage and HMI framework

Implementation and integration of DSP algorithms

Feasibility study of system and algorithm development based on product requirements


Performance evaluation and MIPS memory optimization

Customization to cater to specific architectures and platforms

Integration of sub-blocks and algorithms into the system

Mathematical modeling and simulation