SONAR Systems

Design and development of rugged, high-performance SONAR Systems and sub-systems like underwater transducers, front-end signal conditioning units, signal processors, and display systems.


SONAR systems use sound propagation to navigate, communicate with or detect objects on or under the surface of the water. The acoustic frequencies used in SONAR systems vary from very low to extremely high.  There are two types of SONAR — active and passive. Active Sonar systems emit an acoustic signal or pulse of sound into the water. If an object is in the path of the sound pulse, the sound bounces off the object and returns an “echo” to the sonar system. Unlike active sonar, passive sonar systems does not emit its own signal, it only detects sound waves coming towards it. 

Mistral has 20+ years of experience in designing SONAR Electronics and SONAR systems for data acquisition and signal processing in various SONAR Systems like Diver detection, Towed, Hull mounted, Dunking SONARS, Coastal Surveillance, CIS/CMS etc. Mistral works closely with leading-edge aerospace and defense R&D community in India and has been actively involved is design and development of these indigenous SONAR Electronics for various SONAR systems implemented by the India Defense. Mistral is certified by CEMILAC for testing and validation for defense electronics and all our SONAR sub-systems ensure environmental compliance and EMI/EMC as per JSS55555, MIL STD 810D/G and MIL STD 461E.

With global partnership with leading organizations specializing in defense COTS like Curtiss Wright Defense and Wind River Systems and a strong hardware design and software development team, Mistral can provide custom solutions for various SONAR electronics and SONAR sub-systems like: Transmitters, Receivers, Beam Forming, Fire Control System (FCS) and Multi-function Displays. These SONAR systems can be implemented for multiple platforms like submarines, carriers, fighters, frigates etc.


Hardware Design

VME and VPX based Data Acquisition and Signal Processing for SONAR systems

SBCs and DSPs for multi-channel acoustic Data Acquisition and Processing

128/256 channel SONAR systems with synchronization of all the channels

Multi HSU (Hermetically Sealed unit) Synchronization

Multi-channel data recorders in VME and VPX form factor

sFPDP, Gigabit Ethernet, 10GbE, and Analog I/O

Rugged networked data storage solutions

Solid-state: SATA, DTS-NAS

Rotating Media: SATA, SBOD, NAS

Software Development

Qt based application development for SONAR systems – Control software and display for Data processing, tracking and plotting

Networked system for high resolution graphical display

Waterfall, multiple waterfall, Color-code frequency-time, plan position indicator

Real-time and playback display option

VxWorks and Linux BSP and driver development for various I/O devices

Integration of beam forming and gain algorithms

System Integration

SONAR Systems supported

Passive Sonar System (PSS)

Intercept Sonar (IS)

Obstacle Avoidance Sonar (OAS)

High-frequency SONAR

Multi-function consoles / Rugged Video Mission Displays with simultaneous video feed

Environmental compliance as per JSS55555, MIL STD 810D/G and MIL STD 461E

ATE test set-up