Real-Time Video Analytics and Face Recognition

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning enabled Real-Time Video Analytics and Face Recognition solutions for Armed Forces, Law Enforcement Agencies, and Enterprises.


With dynamically changing security situations and the advent of new technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning, organizations are adapting their security infrastructure to the changing environment. Armed Forces, Law Enforcement Agencies and industries owning critical infrastructure such as Refineries, Ports, Airports and Power Plants among others, are increasingly adopting AI-based Analytics and Facial Recognition. The Video Analytics and Face Recognition (VA-FR) System from Mistral is an AI-driven solution that provides actionable real-time intelligence based on the input video. It is an ideal solution for Enterprise, Security and Defense segments, that require quick, assertive decision-making. The solution supports both real-time analysis and/or post-event video investigations.

The VA-FR System is an integrated solution that offers a structured method for analysis and management of the video content. It is an ideal platform for organizations looking to embrace facial recognition for people and infrastructure management. Human identification has never been more important to businesses and organizations. The benefits of leveraging digital identity have resulted in enhanced security, productivity, effective communication, and improved customer experience. Visual intelligence provided by our VA-FR solution addresses security and surveillance, people management, product management, personalized services, process automation and predictive analytics in almost all sectors.

VA-FR System Accelerates Investigations

The Video Analytics module takes the inputs from the files or VMS and simultaneously presents objects that have appeared at different times within the video based on the defined criteria. This results in a dramatically shorter video segment that fully preserves the viewer’s ability to analyze the scene, enabling the review of hours of video in minutes and sometimes seconds. The VA-FR System organizes all assets related to a particular review in a single container, bookmark objects of interest, and summarize case findings (including all relevant exhibits) in an exportable report, while dynamically collaborating on cases with other users.

VA-FR System for Alerts. Attendance. Visitor Management

The Face Recognition (FR) Module offers up to 99% accuracy offering a highly reliable solution for people management. It can recognize multiple faces across multiple streams (N:N) simultaneously in real-time and on an edge platform. The VA-FR System offers a best in class solution, providing users with a seamless experience across various touchpoints. The FR Module can be easily integrated with all types of access control protocols. This allows for automated entry and exit based on Facial Recognition and automatically detects any unauthorized entry/tailgating across various zones in real-time.

The VA-FR System helps Attain Situational Awareness

The VA-FR System allows the users to define triggers for real-time, rule-based alerts for face recognition, unauthorized entry, line-crossing, people of interest and object count, in time-sensitive situations. The platform enables users to respond to complex situational changes in the environment through buildable rule configurations, based on any number of search filters.

Derive Operational & Business Intelligence

The Video Analytics and Face Recognition System offer interactive, intuitive and easy to use dashboards for visualizing & analysing data. The platform helps re-identify and track individuals across cameras based on FR to measure unique visit duration and site navigation; quantify repeat and bounced visitor traffic, number of people with or without a mask; differentiate between an employee and visitor traffic; provides insights about area occupancy (analysing queues, people traffic flow) to help optimize space utilization.

The Video Analytics and Face Recognition (VA-FR) System from Mistral is ideal for Government Institutions, Army/Naval and IAF Bases, Defense Labs, Airports, Railway Stations, Oil Refineries, Power Plants, Military Bases for Attendance and Visitor Management. The VA-FR System can also be implemented by smart cities as part of safe city solutions. Mistral offers various configurations of the VA-FR solution to cater to a wide range of requirements. To know more about the Real-time VA-FR system and to custom configure a solution for your requirements, please click here or write to us,


  • Recognize multiple faces across multiple camera streams (N:N) simultaneously in real-time
  • Innovative AI techniques to identify faces at most angles in large scale
  • Rigorously trained on the largest Indian face datasets of 200 million facial profiles
  • Customizable MIS reports for alerts, movements, area-access, attendance, historical comparisons, etc.
  • Create face watchlists by uploading images, enabling rapid identification of people in the list
  • AI based Video Analytics
  • Video summarisation based on Source, Time Range, Personal Attributes, Categories (People, Vehicles, Illuminative changes, and Animals)
  • Scene Filtering with respect to Color, Appearance Similarity, Line Crossing, Proximity, Direction of movement, Size, Path, Area, Speed and Dwell
  • Heat Maps for Activity, Path, Background changes, Dwell
  • Scalable Solution - Adding more cameras or features just requires adding required compute hardware
  • Real-time Adaptive System – AI & ML driven analysis with on-field learning
  • Multiple variants to cater to different applications