Master Control Room

Fully integrated Master Control Room for Critical Infrastructure Protection & Safe City solutions

Master Control Room

The Master Control Room is a central command center that serves as the nerve center for Safe City solutions, designed to help organizations streamline their mission-critical communication and dispatch operations. Mistral’s Master Control Room for Safe City applications include comprehensive systems designed to enhance public safety, critical infrastructure protection and security within urban environments. The Master Control Room acts as the centralized hub where various technologies, data sources, and surveillance systems are monitored, managed, and integrated. It typically combines video surveillance, analytics software, sensor networks, communication systems, and other technologies to provide real-time situational awareness and enable proactive response to security incidents or emergencies.

A Master Control Room, one of the key components of modern Safe City Solutions, consists of multiple displays, control panels and large wall-sized panels that display camera feed from multiple locations. The Master Control Room is typically used by security personnel for critical infrastructure protection as part of safe city solutions. In addition to power plants, oil refineries, chemical plants, and Airports, a Master Control Room is also a key part of safe city solutions. The Master Control Room enables the security personnel to seamlessly coordinate and monitor any emergency situation at the facility.

The Master Control Room (MCR) from Mistral acts as the heart of tactical operations, providing centralized management for the command and control network. The Master Control Room is ideal for Critical Infrastructure Protection and Safe City solutions and is best suited for law and order control, accident relief or emergency response management which involves citizens, multiple agencies, on-field rescue teams and decision-makers at different levels in the government.

Master Control Room for Critical Infrastructure Protection

Critical Infrastructure Protection or CIP is a law and order requirement to safeguard vital infrastructures and installations of a state or a nation. Critical infrastructures include Law and Order Institutions, State-Owned Financial Enterprises, Aerospace and Defense Installations and Laboratories, Research and Develop Facilities, Transportation Hubs such as Airports, Seaports, Railways, Dams and Water Systems, Power Plants, Healthcare facilities and more. Critical Infrastructure Protection enables organizations gather crucial situational awareness and respond to any kind of threats – natural or manmade – within a short span of time.

Mistral’s Master Control Room for Critical Infrastructure Protection and Safe City solutions offers an innovative approach that takes security, efficiency, and intelligence to new level. There are two key network components in a Master Control Room for a Critical Infrastructure Protection or Safe city solutions: the sensor network and the command and control network.

The sensor network consists of devices that capture the requisite information regarding entry and movement of individuals and entities within the perimeter of the critical infrastructure protection area, and the command and control network validates this information; and monitors the activities those individuals and entities that do gain access to the premises.

Master Control Room for Safe City Solutions

Mistral’s Master Control Room is among the leading safe city solutions for making our cities safe and secure. Like in the case of Critical Infrastructure Protection, Law and order establishments have to devote considerable amount of time and resources to protect our cities from a wide range of threats such as foreign and homegrown terrorism, religious extremism, political and civil unrests, disasters or emergencies, etc. Mistral’s Master Control Room is an integrated communication platform that provides real-time video analytics and location-based information for quick decision-making; enabled through unified comprehensive event information – making it one of the most preferred Safe City Solutions.

The Master Control Room act as a technical hub of a local broadcast operation. One of the key part of Safe City Solutions, Master Control Room include video displays, Radio Dispatchers, satellite terminals, video recorders, Video analytics and transmission equipment among others. Mistral’s Safe City Solutions include a combination of integrated communication, real-time video management, advanced AI-based video analytics and facial recognition, traffic and crowd management, vehicle tracking based on various filter components, integration of multiple sensors such as Radars, Cameras and Conferencing solutions among others.

The Master Control Room is essential to Critical Infrastructure Protection and safe city solutions that enable effective public and property safety through incident prevention, emergency response, and evidence collection that address multiple challenges. Mistral’s Master Control Room consists of sophisticated communication systems, video investigation software and analytical tools which help in round-the-clock availability, proper dissemination of information, immediate responses to calls, and online links with emergency services which in turn increases efficiency for Critical Infrastructure Protection and Safe City solutions. Mistral has the engineering, programming and project management skills needed to deliver a complete, fully integrated Master Control Room ideal for Critical Infrastructure Protection or Safe City solutions that provides an environment for efficient decision making.


The Master Control Room is the central hub for CIP and Safe City solutions, integrating Video Management, Sensor Interface, Physical Infrastructure, and Integrated Communication System. It enables real-time on-field awareness and rapid response.

Integrated Communication System

  • Supports interoperability between different networks, devices and agencies
  • Digital communications console system for Radio Dispatchers for Critical Infrastructure Protection and Safe City Solutions
  • Support for up to 30 ports of Voice and 16 operators
  • Supports and integrates VHF, UHF, HF, GSM, Satellite terminals
  • Easy to use multi-screen interface
  • Dispatch, GIS and Communications display with efficient data capture tools

Video Management

  • Network Video Recorder with VMS application
  • Video analytics
  • Video Synopsis and Investigation software based on filters

Sensor Interface

  • GIS representation of sensor units
  • Equips MCR for remote management and control of a wide variety of sensors
  • Radar, Cameras, controlled entry systems etc.
  • Collection of data from a large variety of sensors and synthesis of compiled information

Physical Infrastructure

  • Air-conditioned Master Control Room interiors with customized work stations
  • Video conferencing and office setup including printer, fax, telephone and laptop/computer charging ports for seamless operations
  • LED TVs displaying video feeds from various wireless IP Cameras providing COP and situation awareness to the team
  • Equipped with VGA outlets, HDMI outlets and USB ports


  • Master Control Room with a Modular architecture and scalability
  • Enabling integration with existing infrastructure
  • Quick decision-making enabled through unified comprehensive event information
  • Real time on-field awareness through an integrated Video Management System (VMS)
  • Quick analysis of video data enabling rapid response and action


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Safe City

Master control room for smart cities serves as the central command hub where various data sources and systems are monitored, managed, and coordinated to ensure data-driven decisions, smooth functioning and optimization of the city's operations and services.

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Airports and Seaports

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Critical Infrastructure Protection

Master control room for monitoring and managing security operations, creating a central hub that enhances the security and resilience of critical infrastructure assets, reduces vulnerabilities, and ensures the continuity of essential services.

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Emergency Management

A centralized command facility where emergency operations, response efforts, and coordination of resources are monitored, managed, and directed during crises and disasters; by bringing together different agencies and stakeholders to effectively respond to the situation

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Naval and Coast Guard

State-of-the-art centralized facility where maritime operations, surveillance, command, control, communication, and coordination are managed and directed to ensure maritime security, safety, and effective naval and coast guard activities.

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Police Control Rooms

Master control room (MCR) for coordinating and managing law enforcement activities, emergency response, and public safety efforts to enhance public safety, and community engagement while ensuring timely and coordinated responses to emergencies and incidents.