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Easy-to-use, scalable Software Development Platforms, Evaluation Modules and Product Reference Designs to help product developers leverage the capabilities of leading processors and SoCs.


Product Reference Designs, Software Development Platforms, and Evaluation Modules help product developers leverage the capabilities of leading processors and SoCs, enabling them to quickly bring out embedded devices and gadgets for a wide range of applications. Software Development Platforms and Product Reference Designs come with a scalable and modular architecture, and include pre-built binaries for popular operating systems and frameworks, providing design and development engineers with a flexible platform for building their embedded gadgets and products.

Mistral offers a wide range of easy-to-use, scalable and award winning embedded Software Development Platforms, Product Reference Designs and Evaluation Kits based on leading SoCs. The platforms help product developers prototype and test their software and applications well before their custom product hardware is ready. Mistral has also designed and developed several custom Software Development Platforms and Product Reference Designs to help customers address various system-level application challenges like mixed signal designs, power management, etc. along with the necessary software drivers and board support packages.

Most of Mistral’s product reference designs come with the standard Application Programming Interfaces for Android, Yocto Linux and/or Debian. These Product Reference Designs and software development platforms enable developers to build highly differentiated, feature-rich wireless and multimedia devices for the market, not only at comparatively low cost but also at considerably reduced time-to-market.

In addition, as part of our semiconductor support services, Mistral also helps silicon companies bring out Software Development Platforms (SDPs), Reference Designs and Evaluation Kits for their upcoming SoCs. Over the years, Mistral has designed and developed product Reference Designs and embedded development platforms for Analog Devices, Texas Instruments, Qualcomm and many other silicon vendors. Some of the TI Reference Designs and evaluation modules have been adopted by leading product developers and have also won several awards and accolades over the years. This includes the TI Reference Designs, TMDXEVM8148 and AM/DM37x EVM. The TMDXEVM8148 development platform, shortlisted for the prestigious UBM ACE Awards 2012 in the “Development kit, Reference designs and SBCs” category. Another one of Mistral designed development platform, the Crane Board, a low-cost, open-source hardware development platform based on AM3517 SoC from TI was also voted among the ‘EDN Hot 100 products’ in 2011.

Our growing list of TI Reference Designs, Evaluation Modules and Software Development Platforms are based on the latest ARM®, digital signal processors (DSPs) and multi-core processors from leading semiconductor companies like Texas Instruments, Renesas, NXP, Qualcomm, Analog Devices, etc.


Product Development Platforms to help developers leverage the capabilities of leading processors and SoCs


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    820 Development Kit based on Qualcomm SnapDragon SD820 SoC

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    TMDXEVM8148 Development Platform based on DM8148 SoC from TI

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    RZ/G1E SMARC Development Kit

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    AM437x PoM (Product on Module)

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    i.MX6 based Development Platform based on Dual/Quad i.MX6 SoC from NXP

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