Lifestyle Electronics

A range of Embedded Lifestyle Electronics including Consumer Electronics product design and Consumer Electronics product development services, integrating audio, video, navigation and wireless interfaces to help developers build next-gen, futuristic Lifestyle Electronics devices.


With a rich domain expertise and product development experience in lifestyle electronics, we understand the challenges involved in a consumer electronics product design and Consumer Electronics Product Development. We help customers with the entire spectrum of Consumer Electronics product design and development lifecycle. Mistral’s Lifestyle Electronics and consumer electronics product development services encompasses product conceptualization,  detailed hardware design, software engineering, in-house prototyping,testing & validation of performance parameters and compliance with various regulatory requirements.

Consumer Electronics Product Development

Mistral’s offers complete end-to-end services for Lifestyle Electronics and Consumer Electronics product design and development companies designing futuristic products that go beyond the current realm of technology.  We provides full-system product design, development, and consulting services to product companies and startups in the Consumer Electronics and Lifestyle Electronics segment. 

We have a long standing association with leading semiconductor companies that provide silicon based solutions on ARM and DSP cores. We have designed development platforms and reference designs for semiconductor companies to help their customers use their silicon for various lifestyle electronics devices and gadgets. We offer industry best design & integration services for navigation, audio, video, wireless technologies and DSP Algorithms to develop futuristic Lifestyle Electronics and consumer electronics product design for devices such as drones, wearables, IoT devices, Infotainment systems and more.

Some of the recent lifestyle electronics and consumer electronics product design by us includes, personal devices for communication, navigation and entertainment like e-book readers, voice activated computers; enterprise devices that facilitate wireless communication like VoIP Phones, NVRs and infrastructure equipment like Digital signage, video surveillance systems and intelligent trending devices like smart refrigerator, android based remote, dual SIM iPhone and assistive technology gadgets.

Mistral has been at the forefront, helping consumer electronics product development companies bring out feature-rich wireless and multimedia enabled Lifestyle Electronics devices. Mistral also offers a range of semiconductor support services and has extensive experience in the Lifestyle Electronics domain ensuring quick turnaround and faster time-to-market.


  • Audio and Video codecs, video streaming, video data processing for Lifestyle electronics
  • Audio / video algorithm integration & customization
  • Playlist and Persistence Manager
  • GStreamer based music player
  • Media streaming libraries, media servers
  • Wireless: FM-RDS, Navigation, GSM/GPRS, Bluetooth, Zigbee, GPS, WiFi supplicant
  • Peripherals: CD/USB stacks, iPhone/iPad/iPod MFi, MTP stacks
  • Design and development of Human Machine interface(HMI)
  • Customization of HMI frameworks / graphics libraries


Audio, video, wireless & DSP expertise for Consumer Electronics product designs


  • Case Study

    GPS based Handheld Marine Navigation Device

  • Case Study

    Consumer Electronics product design: iPhone based Remote for controlling the various IR devices

  • Application Notes

    Consumer Electronics product development for video camera applications using the DM814x/AM387x SoC

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