Middleware Integration

A range of middleware integration and Middleware development services enabling power management, media framework, protocol etc. on Android, Embedded Linux, VxWorks, RTEMS and other RTOS platforms.


Shrinking timelines, demanding costs and increasing number of features packed into a product; all these have ensured that middleware integration and middleware development have become a key component in the design and development of any embedded system today.  Middleware is the software layer that lies between the operating system and system software, and the user applications. Middleware integration is a critical part of any product. It allows connection between different end systems, performs data transformation, and application of business logic. Middleware development and middleware integration in complex, embedded systems like telecom, aerospace and defense industries help plan, design, develop, and manage safe, secure, reliable, and compliant mission-critical platforms.

What is Middleware integration?

Middleware is any software that provides support to applications beyond what is offered by the operating system. Any software that connects the client application to the kernel can be termed as the middleware. Mistral offers a range of Middleware development and middleware integration services that address various product development sub-tasks like power management, media framework, protocol etc. on Android, Embedded Linux, VxWorks, RTEMS and other RTOS platforms. Our  Middleware development and middleware Integration services cover device power management, audio and video codecs integration, media framework customization, test framework development, protocol development, algorithm development and integration, touch screen/display integration and wireless integration. They help in reducing the complexities in product development and enhance the product performance. Our middleware integration services also include integration of third party applications like voice recognition, text-to-speech, gesture tracking among others.

In addition to middleware development and middleware integration, Mistral also offers a range of middleware integration solutions from RTI, aimed at fast real-time distribution of data. Once such platform is the RTI Data Distribution Service (RTI-DDS) . The RTI-DDS is a middleware for integrating real-time systems. Based on a server less software bus, it allows real-time applications to communicate with each other with enterprise and legacy applications.


  • Design and Implementation of HAL
  • APIs for non-standard peripherals
  • Customizing of media, display, overlay, storage and HMI framework
  • Client server/based Application Framework
  • Graphics Libraries
  • Media streaming libraries, Media servers
  • Audio and video codecs, video streaming, video data processing


Our Middleware Integration and Middleware Development services include


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    Developing a Software Test Automation Framework

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    Android development for Multimedia Live Streamer with Full HD H.264 AV streaming

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    Identifying Top-Bottom Field in Interlaced Video

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    Novel Algorithm towards lossy image processing using FPGA

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