Power Optimization and Battery Management

Low power designs for small footprint, embedded applications involving effective Power Optimization and Battery Management for Portable Devices. Our low power designs ensure power management by decreasing energy usage, saving cost and reducing the impact on the environment.


Power Optimization and Battery management for portable devices can be implemented at different levels – silicon, hardware or software. Power optimization can be done via energy efficient peripherals and adaptive digital systems to implement low power designs and power aware software programs.

Battery Management for Portable Devices

With more than 20 years of experience in hardware design and software development for embedded devices, Mistral offers effective and efficient power management and battery management techniques for embedded low power designs. We offer solutions to implement power and battery management for low power designs using techniques to lower heat dissipation and increase system stability.

Low power Designs

The Mistral team has the experience and expertise needed to build low power designs that ensure low power consumption, effective power optimization and efficient battery management for portable devices. Our power and Battery Management designs provide lowering of heat dissipation, increasing system stability, power Management Implementation at silicon and software level ensuring less energy usage, saving cost and reducing the impact on the environment.

Mistral has worked with global product developers to build energy efficient low power designs for their compact, small foot-print products implementing efficient power optimization techniques based on the latest multi-core processors like ARM Cortex A8, A9, A15 and open-source OSes like Android and Embedded Linux.

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  • Power Optimization: Timeout Policies, Predictive Policies and Stochastic Policies
  • Battery Management: Battery Fuel Gauge and Battery Calibration
  • Gated clock logic for PLD devices


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