VxWorks Development

Strong VxWorks Device Drivers and VxWorks BSP development services for a wide range of applications in domains like aerospace and defense, networking, consumer electronics, industrial automation, medical devices, infotainment and more.


Mistral has over two decades of experience in Vxworks Development Services. We offer VxWorks BSP and Device Driver development on VxWorks 5.x and 6.xfor a wide range of processor architectures (ARM, MIPS, PowerPC, X86).

Our expertise on the VxWorks proprietory platform includes VxWorks BSP porting, Device Driver Development, OS porting, Middleware and Application porting.

Mistral also offers a range of RTOS and development tools from WindRiver. The VxWorks is a market-leading real-time operating system with 32-bit and 64-bit processing, multi-core and multi-OS support, and diverse connectivity options, is available in market specific variants for Automotive, Consumer Devices, Industrial Devices, Medical Devices, Safety Critical, Wind River Intelligent Networks etc.


  • RTOS abstraction, board bring up and verification
  • Boot loader porting and hardening
  • Minimum Kernel/OAL Support
  • Hardware Abstraction Layer
  • File System Integration
  • Power Management
  • Diagnostics and Interrupt routines
  • VxWorks BSP development for ARM, PPC and other SoCs


Strong expertise in VxWorks BSP and VxWorks application development


  • Case Study

    Radar Controller and Processing Unit (RCPU) for Signal Processing, Data Processing, Controller and Data Recording

  • Case Study

    Digital Receiver System for Multi Object Tracking Radar with VxWorks BSP

  • Case Study

    Design and development of a custom hybrid system that supports VME and VPX bus architectures

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    Multi-processor, multi-board Real-time Software Architecture for Defense Applications

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