The proliferating Internet of Things has become the basis of most media applications. There is now a considerable rise in the demand for feature rich, complex, up-gradable home infotainment, In-flight Entertainment and automotive infotainment devices.


Infotainment platforms not only provide multimedia, audio and video entertainment, climate control functions, digital instrumentation, and smartphone integration but also include best-in-class navigation solutions.

Modern day infotainment solutions include home infotainment systems; high-resolution, dynamic, real-time automotive infotainment devices for vehicles including underground trains, trolleybuses and trams as well as buses; and in-flight entertainment solutions for aircrafts. Innovative automotive infotainment and in-flight entertainment solutions aim to keep users up-to-date, informed, entertained and connected, while on the move.

Automotive infotainment and In-flight Entertainment

Mistral’s offers design and development services for high-quality, next-generation, feature-rich in-flight entertainment solutions and in-vehicle infotainment devices. Be it home media centers, personal devices, automotive infotainment devices, seat-back display, in-dash solutions or in-flight entertainment solutions, seamless connectivity is the center for all these infotainment applications.

By combining creativity, technical expertise, and refined processes, Mistral offers cutting-edge embedded hardware and software design services for automotive infotainment and In-flight Entertainment solutions. Our automotive infotainment and in-flight entertainment design services integrate audio, video, wireless technologies and DSP Algorithms and HMI paving the way for intelligent, connected in-flight entertainment solutions and in-vehicle infotainment devices.


Hardware Design and Development

Multi Display Support for in-flight entertainment and automotive infotainment applications

Multi-processor design implementation

Form factor designs

Hardware abstraction layer customization

Hardware accelerators integration

Software Development

Boot time optimization

Android / Embedded Linux/ Windows Embedded

Firmware, BSP and Device drivers

Middleware Services

Sensors and Codec Integration

Multimedia framework customization

Media Streaming / Media Encryption

Third party library integration for voice recognition, gesture recognition and likes

Application Development

HMI for Main and remote controller

Applications around Android/WinCE/Qt

Applications for Android Private Market

Android Compatibility Test Suite

Product Design Services

Feasibility study

Design, development and integration

Prototyping and Industrial design (ID)

FCC, CE, UL certification

OTA updates

Power optimization and Battery Management

Production and Product Lifecycle Support


In-flight Entertainment

Automotive Infotainment

Home Media Centers

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