Interoperable Embedded Hardware and Software solutions
for modern IOT ecosystems


Internet of Things is fast becoming ubiquitous, connecting everything and everyone. As an IoT Service Provider, Mistral offers IoT Gateway Devices, IoT Device Designs and other IoT Product Designs that aid the world become smarter and better than ever.

Internet of Things Services

75 Billion, that’s the prediction on the number of devices that will be connected to the global Internet of Things ecosystem by 2025! Internet of Things has become ubiquitous, connecting everything and everyone. Because of its innate technology integration and new customer experiences, Internet of Things Services and IoT Product Designs demand a significantly higher level of design and technology partnership. Mistral is a leading provider of Internet of Things Services catering to a broad range of embedded applications like Industrial, Medical, Smart Retail, Telecom, and Transportation among others.

With over 25 years of experience in embedded product design and sensor-based data acquisition, Mistral is a trusted IoT Service Provider offering a range of Internet of Things Services to help you design and implement advanced IoT Device Designs and IoT Gateway Devices. Our IoT Product Designs help realize your Internet of Things strategy faster and at an optimal cost. Mistral’s Internet of Things services includes design, development and integration of IoT Product Designs like IoT Gateway Devices and IoT sensor nodes (Sensors and actuators) for a range of application in domains such as Industrial Automation, Medical, Smart Retail, Warehouse Management and Home Automation etc. As a premier IoT service provider, Mistral offers a range of Internet of Things Services and solutions that reduce time-to-market. Our designs ensure advanced connectivity, interoperability, scalability, and robustness while conforming to various Industrial and IoT Protocols.

Mistral has a breadth of experience in IoT Product Designs offering connected devices and solutions. Our profound expertise on technologies like Zigbee, LoRa, GSM, Bluetooth & BLE, UWB, Wi-Fi and narrow band-RF enables us offer best in market IoT Device Designs. Our team is also well-versed with different methodologies and protocols like JSON, MQTT, CoAP, XMPP, SOAP, and REST to connect to IOT ecosystem. Our team also has unmatched experience in integrating IoT Product designs with virtual assistant AI technologies like Alexa, Google, Cortana, Nest, Health Kit, and Home Kit among others.

IoT Gateway Devices and IoT Product Designs

As an IoT Service Provider, Mistral offers a range of Internet of Things services to product developers building industrial applications using Mistral’s Industrial SoM Modules and the Industrial IoT Kit. The Industrial IoT Kit, a cloud ready platform based on TI’s powerful Sitara™ AM437x processor, is an ideal solution to implement to IoT Gateway Devices. The Industrial IoT Kit is enabled with Amazon’s latest integrated Internet of Things services – the AWS IoT SDK. Mistral’s Industrial IoT Kit is a perfect solution for developers looking at quickly deploying IoT gateway devices and other IoT Product Designs. The platform allows you to easily connect with the AWS Internet of Things Services to store, process, analyze and act on volumes of data generated by connected devices. In addition, Mistral offers a range of system on Modules that provides cutting-edge features ideal for IoT Product Designs.

IoT Gateway Devices and sensor nodes play a crucial role in the intersection and interoperability of IoT devices. Know more about Mistral’s IoT Product Designs offerings and how as an IoT Service Provider, Mistral enables IoT solutions for customers and product developers that bridge the physical and digital world. Click here to read a blog on “Internet of Things (IoT) and the Cloud Ecosystems” and on “IoT Testing Processes“.


With more than 20 years of experience in embedded product design and sensor-based data acquisition; Mistral has unparalleled expertise offering a range of Internet of Things Services that help you realize cutting-edge IoT Product Designs and IoT Gateway Devices.

IoT Device Designs and IoT Gateway Devices

  • Designs based on powerful processors from Intel, Texas Instruments, Qualcomm, NXP, NVIDIA and other source platforms
  • IoT Gateway Devices and IoT sensor nodes
  • Communication: M2M - 6LowPAN, LoRa, ANT, ZigBee, Bluetooth, BLE, NFC and RFID
  • Cloud Connectivity: WiFi, WiMax, LTE, 6LowPAN, WirelessHART
  • Prototyping and Industrial design
  • FCC, CE, UL certification

Protocol Development

  • Communication Protocols: MQTT, CoAP, XMPP, DDS, STOMP, AMQP, REST, LWM2M, Websocket, JSON Analytics, AI/ML
  • Containerized deployment and Microservices Architecture
  • Security over communication channel and data encryption/decryption

Middleware Development

  • Protocol handler
  • Command handler
  • Data aggregator
  • Cloud Connect with Amazon Web Services/ Samsung Artik and other vendors
  • Integration of Sensor and Crypto Library

IoT Application Development

  • Web Application Development for configuration and control of IoT Product Designs
  • Web Services (RESTful)
  • Client Applications for Android/Linux/iOS
  • Dashboards
  • Web application using HTML5, CSS3, Sass, Bootstrap, AngularJS, ReactJS, VueJS, NodeJS, Django, Flask, etc.
  • Cloud/Database - Timeseries, NOSQL, RDMS. MySQL/MariaDB, SQLite, MongoDB and SQlite


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    Industrial Gateways

    Secure, modular, multi-protocol industrial gateway designs that provide quick access to IoT ecosystem and compatible with leading IoT Servers.

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    Industrial Routers

    Designs for compact, modular, and ruggedized industrial routers that assure optimal performance, high data security and simplified management for enterprise and harsh industrial environments.

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    Industrial Controllers

    Design and development of rugged Industrial Control Systems that incorporate latest industrial protocols, communication technologies, cloud connectivity and advanced HMI & PC/Web Application.

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    Industrial Switches

    Designs for modular, rugged, PoE enabled, multi-port Gigabit Ethernet switches optimized for size and power and enables seamless connectivity with IOT ecosystem and legacy systems.

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    Smart Energy Meters

    Design and development of rugged 3-phase Smart Energy Monitoring systems, which integrate HMI and Web-based UI to measure, monitor, and log critical transmission parameters.

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    Resource Monitoring Gateway

    Designs for advanced IoT Gateways with latest connectivity features and industrial protocols, which provide visibility into the usage of resources deployed, its location, security and maintenance among others.