Non-Invasive Medical Devices

IoT in medical device design and development has made medicine participatory, personalized, predictive and preventive by extending connectivity with transmission of health data from patient to physician on a regular basis, or immediately and continuously in an emergency.


Over recent years there has been an increasing need for access to high quality, affordable, and accessible health care. Convergence of IoT and several scientific and technology breakthroughs in Medical Device Software Development and Medical Electronics Product Development have made solutions like non-invasive medical devices, tele-medicine and continuous patient monitoring are paving the way for real-time, robust, two-way communication pathways between individuals and healthcare providers.

Medical Device Design and Development

Mistral has extensive expertise in designing non-invasive medical devices and Medical Device Design and Development that support and aid medical professionals in data acquisition and communication.We help Medical Electronics Product Development companies with non-invasive medical device design and development for continuous and spot measurement of various parameters. Latest development in electronics for non-invasive medical devices ensure low-cost, maintenance-free, and lightweight devices.

Medical Device Software Development

Mistral has worked with companies that manufacture non-invasive medical devices and non-invasive medical electronics, helping them in their Medical Electronics Product Development, leading all the way up to the FDA certification. By offering broad platform support, Mistral brings invaluable processor/operating system/testing/system validation expertise to the medical device software development process. Mistral’s embedded product design services also offers medical device software development including integration of medical sensors, porting, middleware and application development.

Some of the non-invasive Medical Electronics Product Development by Mistral include fetal heart rate monitoring, high end camera solutions, ultrasound equipment, BP infusion pumps etc.


Hardware and Firmware Design

Analog Front-end for high precision data capture for Non-invasive medical devices

Hardware software co-design for medical device design and development

System partitioning between Hardware, Software and FPGA

Small-footprint, power-optimized medical device design and development

Multiple RF and wireless

Secure boot, encrypted storage with on-the-fly decryption

Medical Device Software Development

Integration of medical sensors like Heart-Rate, ECG etc.

ECG Calculation/Analysis Algorithm(s) Integration

Custom DSP Libraries Integration for data Analysis

BSP and Firmware porting

Middleware and Embedded applications for medical device design and development

GUI and application development

Sensor & Wireless Integration

Sensor integration for medical device design and development including

Pulse Oximetry, ECG/EEG, Non-Invasive BP

Gyro, Camera, Accelerometer


Embedded/Web Apps

Low Latency Graph Plotting for vital signs

Generation and Storage of Vital signs output

Low Latency Data Exchange with PC devices for off-line analysis

OTA updates

Web application development

Product Design Services

Feasibility study

Design, development and integration


Industrial design (ID)

Power Management

FCC, CE, UL certification

Production support with test jigs and suites

Product Lifecycle Support