DO-178B/C, DO-254, DO-160 Testing

With expertise in designing certified defense and aerospace solutions, Mistral has a comprehensive knowledge base with the tools, processes, standards and regulatory to provide DO-254, DO-178B, DO-178C and DO-160 compliant testing services for various avionics sub-systems.


Mistral’s QA team ensures that the software deployed in MIL-AERO sub-systems are verified and validated as per DO-178B guidelines. Our team of experts have several years of experience in successfully executing projects in the MIL-AERO domain and delivers business value by implementing robust, updated and flexible testing-validations models.

Mistral offers Testing and Validation services that meet the independent review, independent low-level unit testing, Software-Software Integration Testing (SSIT), and Hardware-Software Integration Testing (HSIT) meeting level A to D objectives of DO-178B.

The team carries out detailed reviews of all artifacts developed during the SW life-cycle, such as requirement, output of SW development process, output of integration process, output of testing process and executes test cycles in an independent manner. Mistral is certified by CEMILAC for independent testing and validation for defense electronics sub-systems.


  • Software Verification Plan (SVP)
  • Functional Test Plan/ATP
  • Unit Test Plan


V-model based Testing and Validation for DO-178B/C, Do-160 and DO-254 compliant systems


  • Case Study

    Developing a Software Test Automation Framework

  • Case Study

    Radar Controller and Processing Unit (RCPU) for Signal Processing, Data Processing, Controller and Data Recording

  • Case Study

    Digital Receiver System for Multi Object Tracking Radar

  • Case Study

    RF Data Acquisition Card for Direct Sampling of L-band to X-band Signals

  • Case Study

    Programmable Signal Processing Unit – System Development and Integration