System Software

Vast expertise in system software development for a variety of OS platforms and hardware architectures; right from creating specs, designing and implementation to independent testing and for various environmental specifications.


The Product Engineering team at Mistral has an in-depth knowledge of low-level system software, a thorough understanding of hardware, and deep familiarity of the OS internals. Together, these three provide the team with the requisite expertise in firmware BSP and device driver development. The team can analyse custom hardware and create the software package required to optimize both the development process and the behaviour of the customer’s deployed device.

The embedded software team at Mistral has vast expertise in BSP development and device driver development for various I/O devices, porting of operating systems for embedded devices and in integration of several peripherals such as audio, video, storage, connectivity, buses, wireless, UI and others.

Our system software has powered the complex embedded systems of 100+ product designs that have been commercially deployed across a broad spectrum of commercial, industrial, aerospace and defense domains.


  • RTOS: VxWorks, Real-time Linux, LynxOS, Integrity, Velocity
  • Embedded OS: Android, Embedded Linux
  • Frameworks: Ubuntu, Yocto
  • Proprietary Kernel: VDK, DSP-BIOS


Firmware, Device Drivers and BSPs for a variety of OS platforms


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    820 Nano SOM based on Qualcomm SnapDragon SD820 SoC

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    i.MX6 Nano SOM based on Dual/Quad i.MX6 SoC from NXP

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    Android HAL – Recent Developments and Security Enhancements

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    AM65x Industrial SOM