System Engineering

The advent of complex algorithms, multi-processor architecture and environmental analysis has increased the challenges in designing sub-systems that go into aerospace, defense, space and telecom applications.


Mistral offers complete, comprehensive customized system engineering solutions for aerospace and defense sub-systems. The Our team’s expertise lies in architecting, designing, building and deploying customized solutions that integrate multi-vendor COTS, custom software development, board and FPGA design followed by test, validation and environmental qualification.

From evaluating customer needs and expectations to producing an optimal  solution, custom-made to fit specific requirements, Mistral’s expertise lies in aligning a variety of diverse pre-configured components and COTS products with custom-built solutions to meet specific sub-systems requirements for developing RADAR, SONAR, Telemetry, Electronic Warfare, Naval and Avionics applications. Mistral offer’s customers a low-risk, high-performance advantage combining our years of experience in providing solutions for the defense electronics domain with a robust approach to system engineering that ensures accurate interpretation of program requirements, program life cycle and a clear understanding of the customer applications.


  • Feasibility Study, System Architecture and Design
  • Identifying and sourcing COTS products and accessories
  • Developing custom system software and hardware sub-systems
  • Application Development
  • System Integration, Test and Validation
  • EMI/EMC and Environmental Qualification as per MIL-STD
  • Training and Support
  • Product Sustenance


Structured development process from concept to deployment


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